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housekeeperI you are looking for Carpet Cleaning in Glenview Il, we can provide you with a quality and professional upholstery, oriental rug and carpet cleaning service.

In Glenview Illinois there are some great places for recreation such as the Glenview Park District with 2 outdoor pools, the Ice Center, Glof Courses, Tennis Club  and more, but home is the place where we spend most of our time and we want it to look beautiful. Carpets and Oriental Rugs make our place look comfortable and with style, however they need proper maintenance and care if you want your carpet to last for a long time.

What Can you Expect from our Carpet Cleaning Service in Glenview il

We are a furniture upholstery, rugs and carpet cleaning company in Glenview il, dedicated to provide the best, most reliable and quality cleaning service in the area. We also do tile and grout cleaning if you need it.

Carpets and Rugs are expensive and require proper maintenance on a regular basis so they can look great. If you fail to clean your carpets on a regular basis and do a periodic deep cleaning, your carpet will become dull and lifeless, you may be able to remove dust but once the fibers of your carpets are damaged it will not look the same.

Is important that you remove stains and spots from spills and food as soon as possible, but you have to do it with cleaning products that are safe and glently remove the stains. If you dont know how to do it is better that you call a professional carpet cleaning service or you will damage your rugs and carpets.

Why we are the best choice for you

CarpetUash professionals will make sure that you areorientalrug
completely satisfied with the service before we leave and we will keep in touch with you so we can provide you with a periodic cleaning service if you want it.

We can provide you with dry cleaning or steam cleaning depending on what you need. Dry cleaning is very common and requires a short drying time. On the other hand steam cleaning requires a larger drying time, but is the best way to clean your carpets.

We will identify the high traffic areas of your house where your carpets can get more messy and let you know how you can prevent spills and damage.

We only use cleaning products that are non toxic fory your kids and pets. We use non harmful chemicals that will treat gently the fibers of your carpets.

dust mites

dust mites

It is always recommended to at last vacuum your carpets and oriental rugs once a week. If you have stubborn to remove stains, spots, ink stains, blood stains, pet stains, red stains or pet odors we can help you out just give us a call.

Remembers that some household cleaning products can damage your carpet if you scrub hard.

So what can you start with our services

We offer a variety of services such as: carpet cleaning, carpet restoration, dry cleaning, carpet repair, commercial cleaning, stain removal and more.

Once you call us we can give you a free quote estimate depending on how many rooms you have so you can get a clear idea of the cost before we go to your home.

When we get to your place we make a diagnostic of the area by identifying what are the problem areas in your carpet and what procedure is the best. We make a custom cleaning plan for you carpets and will let you know how much time it will take us to finish the job.

stain removalOnce we finish we are going to check and review your carpets and area rugs so you can verify that everything is looking great and if we miss something we will finish it.

Main Benefits that CarpetUash Offers

There are many carpet and area rug cleaning companies out there that you can choose from, but here are the main benefits why you should stick with us:

We use only professional cleaning equipment and carpet cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, non toxic are rug cleaners and safe for any kids and pets.

We provide you with a full service and experience deep cleaning and give you a high quality service.

We make a customized cleaning treatment for your house carpets, rugs and upholstery.

We can give you additional service such as carpet repair, tile and grout cleaning and more.

carpet cleaning professionalsThere are no hidden charges

We get rid of spills, dirt, dust, stubborn stains, allergens, dust mites, bacteria, odors, pet urine, grim and more.

We have a guarantee so you can be confident that we are going to do a great job. We want you to call us for periodic carpet cleaning services, so we are dedicated to make sure you are satisfied with our service.

Give us a call

Lastly, is important that you call the professionals and avoid second hand companies that use harmful cleaning products.

Ask for our coupons and specials, sometimes in the year we offer some deals that you can take advantage of. But anyway we always have affordable prices.

Dont way anymore give us a call and we will give you a free quote.


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