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Professional Upholstery, Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning Bolingbrook il, we get rid of stubborn stains, spots, dirt, dust, pet uring, odors and grim.

Bolingbrook illinois is a village in a southwest suburb of Chicago with about 73.000 people, there are a variety of recreation activities such as the Bolingbrook Park District and Golf. Lots of people in Bolingbrook have houses with good decoration and luxury carpets and rugs that give a glowing and comfortable look to their house.

However having a carpet is a responsability because it is a big investment that you make on your home and needs proper maintenance. If you dont give proper maintenance every week, your carpet will start too lose freshness and look dull, lifeless, ugly and you dont want that.

What this means is that you should not only vacuum your carpets and rugs every week, but also do a periodic professional deep cleanings.



housekeeperWhy You should Hire Professional Cleaning and not do it your self?

A lot of housewifes prefer to save some money and clean their carpets by their self, however this can cause some problems.  Trying to save a few dollars can cost you more in the long run, as your rug will be short lived and become dull and lifeless quickly.

But Why?

Because most maids use household cleaning products that they buy from their favorite store, either detergents or shampoos that are toxic and contain harsh chemicals. Those chemicals can cause damage to the fibers of your rugs as you scrub them, your carpet will be clean, but the fibers of your rugs will become dull overtime, and you dont want that.

Another problem is that those household cleaning products are toxic and can harm the health of your pets and kids, you should be careful.

On the other hand if you hire a professional cleaning service in Bolingbrook il, they will  use only safe cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and that do not cause any damage to your kids or pets that play on your carpets.

Also those industry cleaning products treat gently the fibers of your rugs and dont cause damage to the fibers, instead they make your carpet look fresh and clean.



What is the CarpetUash Service

It is a company dedicated to clean furniture upholstery, area rugs and carpets with professional equipment to remove dirt, dust, dust mites, pet stains, pet odors, wine spills and grim.

Using the most advanced cleaning technology CarpetUash Guarantees their service. With dry cleaning or steam cleaning and their trained technicians your carpets will revive and gain its freshness.

This way you can preserve your life investment of your carpet for a long time to come.


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What carpet Cleaning Process do we use

  • You start by calling us and letting us know how many rooms you have at your house. We then give you a free quote and make an appointment to visit your house the next day.
  • We then go to your house and make a full inspection of all the areas that we are going to clean. We then take inventory of the problem areas and let you know what cleaning process we are going to use and what are the problem high traffic areas and where the stains are located.
  • We proceed with the cleaning process and when we are finished we are going to review the whole area with you, so you can completely verify the work that we did and if you find any problems or any thing that we miss, we will fix it.
  • Our service is completely guarantee so there is nothing to worry about.
    We will recommend you to make periodic deep cleanings to your rugs, carpets and upholstery, so we are going to stay in touch.
  • What are the Main Benefits of hiring CarpetUash
    We can repair or even restore any damaged part of your carpets or rugs, it is an additional service, but we can certainly do it.
  • We are dedicated to provide the highest quality service, we want you to be completely satisfied and that you hire us for future periodic cleaning of your carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout.
  • We are going to remove the most stubborn stains, spots, dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria, pet stains, unwanted odors, blood stains and anything else.
  • We are going to use only safe cleaning products that do no contain toxic ingredients that could cause damage to the health of your family and pets, but also can damage the fibers of your carpet.
    We Guarantee our services, so you can be sure that we are going to do the best job and get the best results. We want to be your top priority cleaning service the next time you need it.

A Final Word of Advice

Dont hire any second hand company or those people that go door to door to quickly clean your carpets. You need to hire professional experienced people that have the right equipment, it could be a truck mounted system or other, that are ready to clean with proven cleaning products.

Just give us a call and you are going to receive a free quote, we are here to help you.

Sometimes we offer coupons, special deals or discounts, you can ask for them.

Preserve the life of your carpets, let us do the work and relax, we have the trained cleaning technicians ready to start.


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