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Berwyn is a suburban city in illinois with a population of 56,000 people, you can find 3 star hotels at $228, it is a nice place, where you can have a beautiful house, but if you have carpets you need professional deep cleaning.

CarpetUash is a professional carpet cleaning company in Berwyn il, we can take care of all your cleaning problemw with area rugs, furniture upholstery, carpets, tile and grout. Our expert technicians can get rid of the most stubborn spots and stain caused by spills and food.

Why you should invest in Carpet Cleaning Now

Many people take carpet cleaning very lightly and dont give it the proper maintenance and attention, what happens is that their carpets life becomes very short and they get dull and ugly quickly, at that point there is no need to keep your carpet and you can throw it away.
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But if instead, you give proper maintenance to your carpets and rugs with professional deep cleaning, dry cleaning or steam cleaning your carpets will last for a long time looking great.

Vacuuming your rugs every week is not going to do the trick, you have to deep clean your carpets at least once a year, a lot of dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria get hidden in your carpet.

It is not recommended that you clean your carpets with common household cleaning products such as detergents and shampoos that may contain harmful or toxic chemicals that can even damage the fibers of your rugs.

CarpetUash can do the Work for you

We want to provide you the most quality service, because we want you to be your top priority for periodic rug cleaning.

orientalrugOur expert technicians use only the safest products and cleaning solutions that dont damage the health of your pets and kids. But they also treat the fibers of your carpets gently so they dont get damaged from scrubbing and chemicals.

As you go in your every day life in Berwyn il accidents happen and no matter how careful you are, at some point you, your kids or you guests are going to spill wine, candy, food, blood, ink or even pet stains that leave unwanted odors.

But that is why we are here, we can get rid of the most stubborn stains without damaging your rug fibers. We have pet stain treatment so dont worry, just give us a call.

Commercial or residential cleaning our agents are ready to serve you. And if you need any type of carpet restoration or repair we can do it too.

So What Steps to we take

stain removalYou have to take the first step by calling us and telling us how many rooms need cleaning. We are going to tell you a free quote estimate and make next day appointment.

Once we are at your house we make inventory of the problem areas, stains and will tell you what cleaning method do we recommend for you.

We can do dry cleaning, hot water extraction or even chem dry, depending on your needs and drying time.

After the work is done, we together will review all the carpet and rug areas so you can verify that everything is fine and that stains are gone.

We can also apply a protective shield so your carpets can last clean for a longer time.

Benefits you can expect from our service

housekeeperWe will give you a great customer service from start to end

We will leave zero residue and remove all stains, spots, dirt and dust. We will even remove bacteria and allergens.

We are going to use only environmentally friendly and non toxic cleaning solutions.

We have expert technicians that will answer any of your questions.

We can offer you any of our services such as carpet restoration, commercial cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and more.

We Guarantee our services, if you are not satisfied we clean again until you are satisfied at no additional cost.

Give us a Call

Now is the time to start working, give us a call get a free quote and make an appointment.

Sometimes during the year we offer special deals in Berwyn il or coupon discounts.

If you want your carpets smelling fresh and looking beautiful call us.  We can answer all you questions and doubts before you commit to our service, there are no strings attached and no hidden charges, just give us a try. Our


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