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Are you looking for Top of the Line Carpet Cleaning in Sandpoint idaho? We provide professional Safe carpet cleaning using only cleaning solutions with no harsh chemicals.

If you have a dull, lifeless, old or ugly carpet you need to hire professional rug and carpet cleaning in standpoint idaho now. People that take proper care of their carpets make them last for many years without problems.

We love to have carpets and area rugs in our houses and businesses because it gives a luxury, soft and comfortable touch. However it requires different cleaning maintenance that a floor, you have to vacuum and you cant use just any type of detergents or harsh chemical on your fibers.

If you really want your carpets and rugs to last you need expert rug cleaning in standpoint id. A powerfull steam cleaning treatment will remove all those unwanted bacteria, allergens, dirt and odors.

It really is not expensive if you hire the right cleaning company, you just have to do deep cleaning every 5 months.



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The dangers of not hiring pro carpet cleaning now

There are home owners and business owners with large carpets that want to save in the cost of hiring an expert carpet cleaning service and they do it themselves every now and then or just vacuum.

The problem is that vacuuming only removes superficial dirt and dust, but it cant remove all those allergens, bacteria and dirt that has slipped deep into the base of your carpet fibers. Therefore it accumulates bacteria and attracts more bugs.

The result is that you are going to have an unhealthy, dull and lifeless carpet in no time. Cleaning your carpet with any kind of detergent can cause damage and make your fibers stiff.

This is why it is much better to hire a professional rug cleaning service in Standpoint idaho every 5 or 6 months.


We highly recommend that you call carpetuash

We at carpetuash make sure that you receive an excellent customer service, we find a great carpet cleaning company for you that can offer you safe cleaning at a price you can afford in your local area.

We carefully evaluate each cleaning company and review all its history, its past customer reviews, its prices, its reliability and experience.

Once we find the right company they will contact you give you a free quote and ask you for your address.

  • Every great rug cleaning company in standpoint id should:
    Provide a complete guarantee
    Have proven experience in the industry
    Have great customer reviews
    Have affordable rates
    Provide free quotes
    Great customer service

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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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Proven Steps we follow to achieve great results

  • To make sure that all works fine every single time we clean, we follow some proven steps and customize it to your particular needs.
  • Once we get to your business or home we start right away our pre-inspection step. Here we inspect the situation, soiling conditions, stains, spots and the best procedure to use.
  • Now we more furniture such as sofas and chirs, to then start our vacuum phase, removing all the dust and deep dirt.
  • We spray with the best mix of cleaning solutions.
  • We Pre-Treat tough stains that need careful attention.
  • We use our pro equipment to begin applying our steam cleaning procedure to break down  all the dirt with our powerful truck mounted vacuum system.
  • We hand treat all the spots and stains with our cleaning products.
  • Sometimes we use our turbo drying fans if necessary
  • We make a thorough inspection of every single area, to make sure that we didnt miss anything.
  • We apply a protective agent to prevent further damage from dirt, bacteria and allergens.
  • We follow up with you to make sure that you are happy with the results after we are gone.

Some Important Questions you may want to know

What results can i expect from your  service?
You can expect high quality service, where we are going to make your carpet look, great, smooth and beautiful, but also using the right combination of cleaning solutions to preserve its vital life for a long time.

Can you give me a free quote?
Yes, just give us a call and we are going to ask you a few questions to give you a free quote.

Do i have a Guarantee?
Yes, we always like to give a guarantee because we are very confident in our work and you are  going to be thrilled.

Are your products safe for my family?
Yes, all our cleaning solutions and products that we use and completely safe for your family and pets. We dont use any toxic substance.

are your employees properly trained?
Yes all our employees are regularly trained and they are very professional people. If you have any concerns you can call us.

Can i get a discount?
No, we dont give discounts we have some great prices, but we may have some special offers from time to time.

How often i should clean my rug?
You should vacuum every day ideally, but hire deep cleaning at least every 18 months. And please treat stains immediately.



These is our final advice for you

carpetcleanerIf you are serious about your carpet, rug, upholstery and floor cleaning, then you should call carpetuash as soon as possible. We handle all the problem of looking up for a good affordable carpet cleaning company in Sandpoint id.

If you take proper care of your area rugs and carpet you will prevent damage to your carpet fibers and have beautiful smooth rugs that will last for a long time.

A carpet that is not properly maintained becomes lifeless, ugly, stiff, old and dusty. You can instead have a fibrant, soft and beautiful carpet.

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