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Are you looking for Reliable Quality Carpet Cleaners in Jerome Idaho, we are dedicated to use only the most advanced cleaning solutions to restore your carpet beauty and remove stains, dirt, pet odors and allergens.

Do you need carpet cleaning in Jerome idaho? We can provide you an excellent premium service, using safe cleaning products, proven experience, professional equipment and the most advanced cleaning treatments.

In your home or at your business carpets requires proper care and maintenance, is important that you avoid spilling food and drinks, but is also important that you vacuum every day and hire professional carpet cleaning in Jerome id every few months.

Depending on your carpet type and its soiling condition we can apply steam cleaning or dry cleaning and use our powerful truck mounted vacuum system.

We are professionals and we fully Guaranteed our services, we treat carpets, rugs and upholstery gently.



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Why is important that you Hire Deep cleaning as soon as possible and not let it pass

There are people that hire carpet cleaning when they have no other option but to remove those unsightly stains and spots or when its already too dusty and smelling bad. However you should not wait for those emergencies or problems, you should hire carpet or rug cleaning in Jerome idaho every few months.

The longer you wait, the most dirt, bacteria and allergens that your carpet will absorb no matter how much you vacuum, your carpet becomes highly unhealthy and it can cause long term damage to your fibers.

If you want to keep your carpet, rugs and furniture upholstery in great shape you should hire pro cleaning about every 5 months.


How we can help you Restore your carpet Beauty

We at carpetuash want you to have the best experience and make your carpets and rugs glow again, that is why we make sure that you receive excellent service, from peroffessionals that know what they are doing and can give you sound advice.

When you call us and tell us the service you need and how many rooms you have we hook you up with the right cleaning company in jerome id, we constantly evaluate carpet cleaning companies and work only with the best ones.

When we hook you up with a cleaning company we make sure that they follow the best cleaning standards and are experts, this is what we look for:

Excellent customer service
A Fully Guaranteed Service
Use of Professional Equipment
Use of only safe cleaning products
Proven Experience in the industry
Great testimonials from previous customers
Experts at dry cleaning and steam cleaning

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We care for you

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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Steps we follow when we clean a new carpet

  • To make sure that everything works great everytime we clean, we follow some very strict phases and customize it to your particult needs.
  • Once we get to your home or office we start immediately our pre-inspection phase. Here we evaluate the situation, soiling conditions, stains, spots and the best procedure to use.
  • We then remove the furniture such as chairs and sofas, to then start our pre-vacuum phase, removing all the dirt and dust.
  • We Pre-spray with the best combination of cleaning solutions.
  • Pre-Treat all the difficult stains that we need to treat.
  • We set up our equipment and begin our steam cleaning procedure to break down and extract all the dirt with our powerful truck mounted vacuum system.
  • We treat all the stains and spots with our cleaning agents.
  • We can optionally use our turbo drying fans.
  • We then make a thorough inspection with you, so we can review all the areas and check if you are thrilled with the results.
  • We can also apply a protective solutions to prevent further damage from bacteria and dirt.
  • And we follow up with you to make sure that you are happy with the results after we are gone.

Some Important Questions you may want to know

What results can i expect from your  service?
You can expect high quality service, where we are going to make your carpet look, great, smooth and beautiful, but also using the right combination of cleaning solutions to preserve its vital life for a long time.

Can you give me a free quote?
Yes, just give us a call and we are going to ask you a few questions to give you a free quote.

Do i have a Guarantee?
Yes, we always like to give a guarantee because we are very confident in our work and you are  going to be thrilled.

Are your products safe for my family?
Yes, all our cleaning solutions and products that we use and completely safe for your family and pets. We dont use any toxic substance.

are your employees properly trained?
Yes all our employees are regularly trained and they are very professional people. If you have any concerns you can call us.

Can i get a discount?
No, we dont give discounts we have some great prices, but we may have some special offers from time to time.

How often i should clean my rug?
You should vacuum every day ideally, but hire deep cleaning at least every 18 months. And please treat stains immediately.



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