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Commercial and Residential carpet cleaners in Chubbuck idaho, we get rid of tough stains, dirt and bacteria and restore your carpet beauty and health.

If you have carpets, rugs or upholstery you need to hire professional carpet cleaners in Chubbuck id. We at carpetuash can restore your carpet beauty, remove stains, spots, unwanted pet odors, urine, allergens and bacteria using only safe and green cleaning solutions.

With every day use carpets in your house and your business absorb more and more bacteria and dirt from shoes and the environment, if you dont clean it properly that bacteria attracts more allergens and bugs making it unhealthy.

With a pro carpet cleaning service in Chubbuck idaho you can be sure that we are going to remove all those allergens, make your carpet healthy for your kids again and everything at an affordable price.

We use the most advanced steam cleaning technology and truck mounted system to remove the most stubborn dirt.



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Here is why you should not delay in hiring our carpet cleaning services in Cubbuck id

Home owners that are very careful and dedicated vacuum their rugs and carpets every day or very often, which is great, because as dirt falls into your carpet every day you are removing it quickly and that avoid dirt from falling into the base of your carpet fibers.

However dont think that because you are vacuuming your carpet is very healthy for your kids. The truth is that as time goes on your carpet will absorb some of the dirt and attract allergens, when the dirt falls into your carpet base you cant remove it with your common vacuum, you need extreme power, pressure and heat.

That is why hiring a carpet and rug cleaning service every few months is necessary to keep your house healthy for your kids and pets.


CarpetUash is your Best Option

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We at carpetuash are dedicated to provide you an excellent cleaning service and to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the results.

When you call carpetuash, we ask you a few questions and then we provide you a free quote.

At carpetuash our mission is that you get a great service, that is why we connect you with the best carpet cleaning company in Chubbuck idaho.

We fully evaluate the companies and only send you the most reliable one that has proven to have a great service and has the professional equipment to clean your carpets safely and with the most advanced equipment.

Any company that we work with needs to have:
A full guarantee of their services
Excellent customer service
Proven track record experience
Experts and dry cleaning, steam cleaning or hot water extraction
Have afforable and fair prices

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We care for you

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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Here are the Proven cleaning steps we follow every single time we apply our cleaning system in Chubbuk idaho:

  • To make sure that everything works great every time we clean, we follow some very straightforward steps and guidelines that work for us every time.
  • We first need to remove any furniture and electronics that may stand on our way. If you have any very heavy furniture is recommended that you remove it before we arrive as well as any breakable things
  • in this phase (Pre Inspection) we make a full inspection of every area of your carpet to identify difficult stains, high traffic areas and soiling conditions. This way we can better determine the best treatment to apply.
  • We like to treat stains and spots by hand to get the best results and apply our powerful hazard free cleaning solution.
  • At this point we apply our pre-vacuum phase where we remove all the soil and dirt in your carpet. This step is very important to move on to the next phase.
  • We now apply our pre-spray cleaning solution that helps to remove soil and spots effectively.
  • Once we have loosened the soil and dirt, our powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system will throughly flush the carpet pile with an organicrinsing cleaning agent. We regulate the pressure and heat so the carpet is not over wet. We use a water temperature between 180F and 190F.
  • We can apply a protective shield to your carpet, which helps to prevent dirt from getting trap in to your carpet fibers.
  • We review our work with you, so you can verify that you like the results and that you are delighted or else we re-clean.

Questions and Answers customers often ask and you should know

is your work in  Chubbuck fully Guaranteed?
All our services are Guaranteed you can be sure of that, if you dont like the results we re-clean or else we dont charge you

What is the most effective carpet cleaning treatment?
There are different cleaning treatments such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning and chem dry, all of those are great as long as they are applied by professionals. We use steam cleaning or hot water extraction as the best method.

Can you remove dog and cat urine, unwanted pet odors and pet stains?
Yes, we have the right cleaning solutions to clean urine and remove unwanted odors.

Do you have professional equipment such as a Truck Mounted System and extreme pressure vacuum?
We do have advanced cleaning systems such as a Truck Mounted System, to make our work more efficient.

Is it necessary to clean my carpet often?
We suggest and recommend you to clean your carpet at least every 5 months if you have a family. If you dont use your carpet often or in your house only live 2 people, you can clean it every 12 months.

Do you have a protector?
We apply a carpet protector that helps to fill scratches, so you can prevent your fibers from absorbing all the dirt. New carpets have that kind of protector but with time and use it wears off.


What is our Recommendation for you

carpetcleanerNow you know how dedicated and professional we are at this job, we want you as a recurring customer that is why we make sure that you receive the best rug cleaning service in Chubbuck idaho.

There are many carpet cleaning companies in idaho that you can choose from, but we know what we are doing, we can help you out to choose the best one.

Be careful not to settle for second hand companies that may charge cheap but dont have the professional equipment nor the experience to treat difficult stains and do steam cleaning.

Give us a call and get a free quote easily, one of our staff is ready to attend your call.



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