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Our Expert Carpet Cleaning Service in Boise Idaho can remove the most difficult stains, dirt, pet odors, urine, bacteria and allergens without causing any damage to your fibers and without using toxic chemicals.

To keep your carpets and area rugs in great shape looking beautiful, soft and fresh you need to give them proper maintenance every few months. Lack of proper cleaning may cause your carpet to become stiff, dust and ugly.

We can help you out, we are a professional carpet cleaning company in Boise idaho with all the experience and expert staff that know how to properly treat a carpet or area rug for either residential or commercial cleaning.

We take care of your carpet fibers properly removing all the deep dirt, dust, pet odors, tough stains and bacteria without using toxic chemicals. All our cleaning products are safe for your family.

We can make a complete makeover to your carpet or rug. With our professional equipment and truck mounted system we can make your rugs look beautiful again.


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cleaning carpetWhat can you do to prevent your carpet from deteriorating

Carpets and area rugs require regular maintenance to keep their beauty and softeness, a lack of care can make them stiff, ugly, dust and lifeless. Here is what you should to to prevent it:

Avoid walking on your rug with wet shoes

Train your pets to make their necessities outside

Dont let your kids eat on your rug

Vacuum if possible every day to remove all the dirt

Clean stains as soon as they happen with water

Hire an expert carpet cleaner in Boise Idaho every 5 months.

No matter how much care you have, there comes a time when disaster happens and you need to clean your carpet stains. Sometimes expert help is needed, but remember that no matter how careful you are dirt and bacteria slips into your carpet fibers base and you vacuum cant remove it.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhat the Professional Carpet Cleaners to to preserve its Beauty

Some people think that hiring professional cleaners every 12 monhts is good enough, but be careful, if you have a family of 5 or more and use your carpet on a regular basis, you should hire expert rug cleaners every 5 months.

When your carpet is new there is not much problem because you vacuum regularly and you carpet comes with a special protector that prevents dirt from slipping to your fibers base.

But as time passes and with use that special protective shield wears off and dirt starts to slip into your carpet fibers base, making it impossible for your vacuum to remove it.

Thats why every few months a pro company with its extreme heat power vacuum can remove all that dirt and apply a new protective shield that will keep away dirt, as long as you keep vacuuming every day.


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An Excellent Customer Service
We Completely Guarantee all our Services
We only Use Environment safe cleaning products
We treat your Carpet with care
We revive your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the lifetime of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

This is a video in the news of another pro company

stain removal

These are our proven cleaning steps

  • We like to provide outstanding results and to do that we follow a proven cleaning process that has worked for us and that we have refined over time. This proven cleaning process we customize it to your needs.
  • You call us, we make an appointment and once we get to your home we make a complete pre-inspection of every area where we are going to work. This way we identify stained areas, soiling conditions and decide what is the best cleaning approach.
  • We remove breakable things and furniture, so we can then apply our pre-vacuuming process where we remove all the difficult dirt and dust.
  • Stains are hand treat it with our special cleaning solutions that contain no harsh chemicals.
  • We have a special steam cleaning procedure that helps to remove the most stubborn dirt and allergens. With our truck mounted extraction system and extreme heat we remove all the deep dust and bacteria.
  • Once again we give one final touch to your stains.
  • We have a special protective shield that we use to protect your carpet from dirt and dust for a while.
  • We like to review with you every single area that we just cleaned and if you dont like something we are going to re-clean it until you are completely satisfied.

Important Questions and Answers you want to know

How can you help me if my carpet it old and ugly?
We can do a lot, we have all the professional equipment and experience staff to do a complete makeover to your carpet or rug. We are going to do an evaluation of the situation and let you know what we can do about it.

I dont know your company, i want a Guarantee?
Dont worry, we always provide a fully guarantee. All the pressure is on us, if you are not delighted with our cleaning services in Boise id, we are going to re-clean and if you are not satisfied we dont charge you.

Are your cleaning products safe for my family and pets?
Yes, you dont have to worry, we only use green cleaning solutions and products without harsh chemicals. We know that most cleaning products contain some type of chemicals, but we dont use any toxics or substances that could put at risk your pets and kids.

What is better dry cleaning or hot water extraction (steam cleaning)?
There are people that say that one is better than the other, because dry cleaning leaves less moisture or otherwise. The truth is that both cleaning methods are fantastic as long as they are done by professionals that know what they are doing and have the right cleaning solutions.

What should i do to prepare before you arrive?
All you have to do is remove electronics and breakable things from areas that we are going to clean. Also if you have some very heavy furniture, is better that you hire someone to move it.

When should i clean my area rugs and carpets?
There are carpet manufacturers that recommend every 12 to 24 months. But for experience, if you have a family of 5 people you should deep clean them every 5 months, if you dont want them to deteriorate.



Now, here is what you should do

You know how important is to keep your carpets, area rugs and upholstery clean and give it the proper treatment every few months. If you fail to do it, your fibers will become dull, stiff and lifeless, no one likes that, you already invested a lot of money when you bought them.

Our final recommendation is that you hire professional carpet cleaning services in Boise Idaho every five months if possible. If you are just two people at home you can wait a little more



Remember that is very important that you vacuum every day to remove all the superficial dirt and avoid that dirt from falling into your carp

et fibers base.
Give us a call as soon as possible we are ready to help you with our green cleaning solutions.

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