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Do you need Pro Carpet Cleaning in Ammon Id, we are premium rug and carpet cleaners, we use only safe cleaning solutions

If you want professionals to clean your rugs and carpets we can help you out. Our company will make sure that you get a professional, reliable, quality, safe and affordable carpet cleaning service in ammon idaho.

Cleaning your carpets, oriental rugs and area rugs requires special treatment with the most advanced cleaning solutions and products that treat your carpet fibers gently.

Stains need to be treated carefully with advanced cleaning solutions that remove them without causing any damage to your fibers.

No matter what kind of stains and dirt you got we can treat it carefully and professionally, pet stains, pet odors, wine stains, deep dirt, allergens and anything else.


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Why is very important that you hire the best carpet cleaners in ammon idaho Now

There are many homeowners and even business owners that treat their carpets as if it were just another floor to clean. However carpets require a very special type of treatment if you want them to last looking beautiful, smooth and free of unwanted odors.

You should vacuum every day if possible, that will remove all the dirt that is sitting on your carpet fibers, but that is not enough.

It is great that you vacuum every day, but with regular use people leave dirt, allergens and bacteria when they step on your carpet, making the dirt and allergens get stuck deep in your fibers. That dirt cant be removed with a common vacuum and it accumulates and attracts more bacteria.

That is why is so important to hire pro carpet cleaners in ammon idaho that can remove the most tough bacteria and stain with powerful extreme pressure vacuums.


Why you should call CarpetUash right now

carpet cleaning professionalsWe at CarpetUash are professionals and want you to receive the highest quality rug and carpet cleaning service in Ammon id. That is why we search and evaluate the best carpet cleaning companies in your area to hook you up with the best, you just have to call us.

Its not enough to get a good service, if you want your carpets to last for many years you need green pro carpet cleaning service that will only use safe cleaning products that will extend the life of your fibers and protect them.

We can help you with different services that you may need such as tile and grout cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, speciality stain removal, oriental rug cleaning, carpet repair and more.

When we work with a carpet and rug cleaning company in Ammon Id we always look for:

100% Guaranteed Service
Use of only Safe and Green Cleaning Solutions
Truck Mounted Vacuum System
Experienced and Proven Track Record
Great Client Testimonials
Experts at Steam cleaning and Dry cleaning
Excellent Customer Service

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We care for you

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

The Following procedure is a series of steps that we follow in every cleaning treatment we apply in ammon idaho

  • In order to make your carpet look great and beautiful every time, we follow proven process of steps that our technicians apply on a regular basis. We adapt this treatment to your particular needs depending on your carpet conditions.
  • We first need to remove any furniture and electronics that may stand on our way. If you have any very heavy furniture is recommended that you remove it before we arrive as well as any breakable things
  • We start by inspecting every single area of your carpet, we check its soiling conditions, identify spots and possible permanent stains.
  • Next we hand treat any stains that need careful attention and gently clean it.
  • We now start our pre-vacuum phase, we throughly vacuum to remove all the dry soil. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps and necessary for the following steps.
  • All the high traffic areas that we identify are now treated with a organic spray for maximum effectiveness in soil and spot removal, we carefully remove stains.
  • To obtain the best results we use our truck mounted hot extraction system that helps to flush the carpet pile using pressure and heat at a safe standard to obtain the best steam cleaning results.
  • We can apply a protective shield to your carpet, which helps to prevent dirt from getting trap in to your carpet fibers.
  • We review our work with you, so you can verify that you like the results and that you are delighted or else we re-clean.

Here is a FAQ of our Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you Guarantee your Services?
Dont worry, our services are fully guaranteed. We know how important is for you the security of hiring a great service, you dont risk anything with us.

How can i get a free cost estimate?
We can provide you with a free quote over the phone, but is important that you let us know the number of rooms, approx square feet and any special services that you may need.

What is the carpet cleaning method that your company use?
There are different cleaning treatments such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning and chem dry, all of those are great as long as they are applied by professionals. We use steam cleaning or hot water extraction as the best method.

What do i need to do to prepare for the visit?
Even though we can remove furniture, its recommended that you remove any heavy furniture, electronics and any breakable things.

is your cleaning personal experienced?
All our personal is trained on a regular basis on new treatments and they are certified.

Does it take a lot of time to dry?
Drying time can depend on the weather, if there is humidity it takes longer time. However you can expect between 6 to 12 hours to get your carpet dry.


Dont let your carpets become dull and lifeless, hire our services

carpetcleanerNow that you know how we work and how important is for you to keep your carpet and rugs clean, we want you to give us a try and hire our service.

Either if you need residential or commercial carpet cleaning in Ammon idaho we can help you out. Our professional staff is ready to go.

Call us to get a free quote over the phone, you will get affordable rates with a high quality service.

If you want to give your carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout the best cleaning service with the most advanced technology, give us a call


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