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We Provide Professional Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning in West Des Moines Ia, our trained technicians can remove difficult stains, deep dirt, dust, pet odors and allergens.

Even in small beautiful towns like West Des Moines Iowa, there are many offices, businesses and houses that use carpets and rugs to make their place comfortable, reduce noise, make it safer and filter air quality.

Carpets are very useful especially in cold places because even though they dont warm a room they wont let cold air seep through the floor.

But buying and installing a carpet is a significant investment that you want to preserve for a long time. That is why you should ask for your carpet manufacturer what is their advice and cleaning guidelines that you have to follow to make your carpet last.

Rugs, Carpets and Oriental Rugs need cleaning maintenance regularly otherwise they become dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly. A good professional rug cleaning service is needed at least every 18 months to remove all the deep dust, bacteria and stains.




housekeeperWhat CarpetUash can do for you

We are a premium carpet cleaning service in West des moines iowa, we are dedicated give your carpet a makeover, make it look clean, beautiful, but  most importantly we prolonge the life of your carpet looking soft, smooth and beautiful.

There are companies that offer every type of cleaning service such as carpet, rug, tile, upholstery, area rugs, air ducts, hard surfaces and even pet treatment. But we are experts at one thing making your rugs and carpets look beautiful and preserving its life for a long time.

We use advanced cleaning products that are safe for your family, for your pets and for your carpet fibers. Our Hot water extraction system removes all the difficult dirt, allergens and bacteria.



Why Choose Experts instead of doing it yourself

You may think that you dont need carpet cleaners in West Des moines ia, you have the necessary home equipment, vacuum, cleaning products and a house keeper. But there is a big problem if you dont apply correctly the treatment such as steam cleaning and you dont use the right cleaning solutions you may end up causing more damage.

It is not that easy many cleaning products in the supermarket such as detergents, shampoos and others contain harsh chemicals or toxic substances and even if you read the labels, you dont know what are the toxic substances.

Instead professional cleaners have the right cleaning solutions, the professional equipment and the experience to remove even the most difficult stains without damaging your carpet and rug fibers.



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Cleaning Steps

  • We are experts and know that following a process that has worked for us time and time again will do wonders for your rugs.
  • Once you call for our carpet cleaner rental services one of our representatives will answer the phone and take some information from you about the service you need, then it will give you a free quote.
  • We start our pre-inspection phase by determining your carpet conditions, taking note of the potentional permanent stains and high traffic areas.
  • We remove furniture sofas, chairs, tables and anything that could break. Then we start our pre-vacuuming phase and remove all superficial dust and dirt.
  • Then we start our hot water extraction system to breakdown deep dust, dirt and bacteria and then extract it with our truck mounted system.
  • We treat stains with our cleaning solutions and apply our special treatment.
  • We apply a special protective shield to prevent your carpet from getting more bacteria and dirt.
  • And lastly we review all the work that we have done with you, so you can check out what we did and if you like the results.

Common Questions and Answers you may want to ask

Do you provide commercial, residential and industrial cleaning?
Yes, we provide every type of cleaning we are experts and have the professional equipment for the tasks.

Can i get a free quote?
Yes, just call us and one of our staff will ask you a few questions about the service you need and then give you a quote.

What treatment do you recommend for my carpet?
We will inspect your carpet or rug and determine what is the best approach steam cleaning, dry cleaning or chem dry. There are some advantages and disadvantages of each one, such as drying time.

Do you use chemicals to clean my carpet?
We dont use any harsh chemicals or toxic substances that could harm your family or pets health. We only use safe cleaning products that will promote the health of your carpet fibers.

Is your personal trained?
Yes all our personal is fully trained and updated on any new cleaning treatments.

Can you repair carpets?
No, we dont repair, but we do give overhauls if they have become dull and stiff.



Let me give you some final advice

Carpet cleaning is a task that you should take seriously, a lack of proper maintenance will make your rugs become stiff and ugly in no time.

We strongly recommend that you hire professional carpet cleaners in West Des Moines iowa, we at carpetuash can do a great for you.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you deep clean them at least every 12 to 24 months. We also recommend that you vacuum your carpets every day.

If you have any questions let us know and give us a call as soon as possible.


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