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Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Iowa City, IA. We can remove the most stubborn stains, dirt, odors, bacteria and microorganisms without using toxic substances.

Many businesses, houses and offices  in Iowa City have carpets  installed as well as rugs, because they make a place look comfortable, elegant, prevent slipping accidents and even filter air quality.

But having a carpet at home or in the office is a responsability, because even though you dont need to wash it every day like flooring, you do need to provide regular maintenance, such as daily vacuuming.

However vacuuming is not enough, as time goes on your carpet fibers absorb more and more bacteria and dust that cant be removed with a common vacuum.

Every few months you should hire professional carpet cleaners in Iowa City, ia. This way you will preserve the life of your carpets and are rugs for a long time and prevent having a dull carpet.


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housekeeperHow we can help you keep your carpet looking Beautiful and Soft

Carpet designs are very tightly twisted fibers. When the top section of the fiber creates a thick canopy, it makes it difficult to penetrate and let the cleaning solution down to the base of the fiber where you can find most of the dirt. For that you need extreme vacuum power and we have it.

We are an expert carpet cleaning company in iowa city, we are dedicated to provide you a high quality service, we want to gain your trust and be your regular cleaning provider.

While most cleaning companies will just take out the dirt and call it a good day, we go the extra mile, we make sure that all the cleaning solutions we use are good for your carpet fibers and for the health of your family.

We avoid any type of toxic chemical and make sure that your carpet stays soft and beautiful for a long time.

In order to get the best possible results we make multiple passes of our powerful vacuum in every single area of your carpet for maximum cleaning and protecting of your fibers.

Please avoid washing your carpets and rugs with common detergents and shampoos that contain toxic substances that will make things worse.


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stain removal

This is part of the cleaning process we apply

  • We follow a very organized set of steps every time we have a new cleaning job. We want to make sure that everything works great and we customize it to your needs.
  • After we set an appointment we go to your house or office and inspect the areas to check what are the soiling conditions, determine your type of tile and where are the stains as wells as the best procedure to apply.
  • We remove all the furniture and start our pre-vacuum phase.
  • Pre-spray with the best combination of cleaning solutions.
  • We then pre treat stained parts with the right spotting treatment procedure.
  • Apply our steam cleaning procedure and then extract all the residuous with our truck mounted vacuum system.
  • We then post-treat stains that need special care.
  • We may use turbo drying fans if you want it.
  • We apply our special protective shield, to prevent further damage from the ravages of the environment.
  • We review with you every single area where we worked, so you can verify and make sure that you like the results.
  • We follow up with you to make sure that everything is perfect and you dont need further help.

Common Questions you may have

Can you do dry cleaning?
Yes we can do dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Dry cleaning has a faster drying time, though steam cleaning is the most recommended cleaning procedure.

Can i get a quote?
Sure, just call us and one of our agents will ask you a few questions about the service you need and give you a free quote, no strings attached.

Do i have a Guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee all our services, we understand that you dont know us and we want to gain your trust, thats why we are very confident that you are going to love our service.

Do you use toxic chemicals to clean?
No, we only use safe cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets. But we also make sure that our products are great for your carpet fibers.

Do you have any discounts?
No, however you may want to ask for any special deals we may have.

Are your employees regularly trained?
Yes all our employees are fully trained in the cleaning industry standards.

How often should i clean?
Regular vacuuming is necessary even every day, but professional deep cleaning is also necessary at least every 12 to 24 months.



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Lack of maintenance can result in your carpet or rug becoming dull, lifeless, stiff, ugly  and loosing all its beauty.

You cant treat or wash your carpet with any type of detergent, shampoo or substance you need professionals.

With our pro carpet cleaning service in Iowa city, you will preserve the beauty, softness and freshness of your carpet.


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