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Acquire Professional Carpet Cleaning in Dubuque iowa, we remove the most stubborn dirt, stains, spots, odors and allergens with our stat of the art cleaning system.

As you know there are many places such as homes, offices and hotels in Dubuque ia that use carpets and area rugs to keep the place warm, reduce noise, reduce accidents and even to filter air quality.

The benefits of carpes are many, but it comes with its responsability, if you are going to have a area rug or full carpet installation you should know what are the cleaning requirements of your type of rug and material.

Carpets need regular cleaning and maintenance so they can keep their glow, elegance and softness. The moment you stop taking care, your carpet will suffer the consequences and start to get stiff.

Carpet manufacturers usually recommend vacuuming every day, but also hiring professional expert carpet cleaners every 12 to 24 months and that is necessary also if you want to make your warranty valid.


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cleaning carpetHow we can help you keep your carpet glowing

We are pros at carpet cleaning in dubuque ia, we like to work with clients that are looking for responsability, commitment and quality control. We are proud of our customerservice  and want you to experience.

With our powerful truck mounted extraction vacuum we can remove even the most difficult dirt. Carpets have a design that lets dirt slip into their base, but makes it difficult to extract.

Superficial dirt is easy to extract with a common vacuum but dirt that is already in the base is difficult and you need more extraction power, agitation and heat to remove it.

We are not only looking to clean your rugs we are looking to preserve and prolonge the life of your carpets with our top quality cleaning solutions.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy we recommend that you hire Expert Carpet Cleaners and not do it your self

It is very tempting like many home owners do to save some money by cleaning your carpet on your own or well let your house keeper do it.

Here is the thing, its great that you or your maid vacuum and remove dirt every day if possible, but as time pass on its not enough. If you dont hire deep cleaning to remove all the dirt stuck inside and stains your carpet fibers will suffer and may even become stiff.

Sure you may want to wash your own carpet buy a steam cleaner machine and call it a day, but you wont remove all the difficult dirt, bacteria, allergens and if you dont have the right cleaning solutions without harsh chemicals you may be causing more damage.


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stain removal

How we work

  • Every successfully cleaning process requires that you follow a very clear set of steps. We have a very clear process that work for us and we customize our treatment based on your needs.
  • We always start by making a through inspection of the soiling conditions, stained areas, problem areas and determine what is the best process or treatment.
  • At this point we can start to remove furniture such as sofas, chairs and anything that could get broken.
  • We then start to pre-vacuum which is important to remove top dirt.
  • We pre-treat stains, apply some of our solutions or sprays.
  • We start our cleaning process with dry cleaning or steam cleaning depending on what you want and need. With our powerful truck mounted system we can extract all the deep dirt, dust, bacteria and more.
  • We treat again stains that need further treatment until we remove them.
  • We have the option to apply a protective spray that keeps bacteria and dirt away.
  • Once we are done cleaning we review our work with you, we want to verify with you that everything looks great and that your carpet looks like new.

Frequently Asked Questions that most people have

What can i expect for your service?
You can expect an excellent customer service. Your carpet will be treated with the best products and equipment so it will become clean, soft and smelling fresh.

What is your guarantee?
We always guarantee our service, we are very confident that you are going to love us, that if you are not satisfied with the results we clean again or we dont charge you.

Can i get a free quote?
Sure, just give us a call, our staff will ask you a few questions about the service you need and then give you a free quote.

is your staff trained?
Yes all our staff is fully trained on a regular basis and the industry cleaning standards.

How long does it take to dry your steam cleaning treatment?
it takes from 4 to 8 hours usually.

Do you clean upholstery, grout, tile?
No, we focus on what we do best and that is carpet cleaning.

Can i get a discount?
We dont give discounts, but we may have special deals sometimes during the year.

What is better dry cleaning or steam cleaning?
Dry cleaning takes less time to dry after cleaning and steam cleaning take more time. However experts recommend steam cleaning or hot water extraction as the best option.



Here is what i recommend you to do

carpetcleanerAs you know, regular carpet cleaning is necessary, you can hire professional cleaners every 12 months and it will help you make your carpet last for many  years.

We advice you to follow your manufacturer guidelines and also hire our expert carpet cleaning services in Dubuque iowa.

Remember that stains must be removed as  soon as possible, because there is more chance that the stains will not be permanent.

Manufacturer companies recommend that you deep clean at least every 12 to 24 months.

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