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We are a Premium Carpet Cleaning in des moines iowa professional company, looking to remove hard stains, dirt, allergens, bacteria and pet odors.

There are a wide variety of restaurants, offices, hotels and houses that use carpets and rugs in Des  Moies the most populous cityin the state of Iowa. Itis known as a major center of US insurance industry with a variety of financial services.

Buying a carpet is a big investment and you should choose carefully. You will choose the right design and material that you like such as acrylic, polypropylene, cotton, wool and others.

However installing a carpet is also a commitment to give it the right cleaning treatment and maintenance. When you buy a carpet or area rug you should ask your seller what are the cleaning suggestions and guidelines that you should follow.

There are people that do not take carpet cleaning seriously and end up with a dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly thing  that nobody wants  in their house.





housekeeperBut How can you Prevent your carpet from getting Ugly

Hire the right professional cleaning treatment in Des Moines IA. We are a professional carpet and rug cleaning company in Des Moines iowa called CarpetUash.

We take our job very seriously, is not just about removing dirt and making your carpet look clean, is much more than that, is about  preserving and prolonging the life of your carpet looking soft, smooth, beautiful and smelling fresh.

We are experts and have the necessary professional equipment such as a truck mounted system. These are our benefits:

  • We Guarantee Our Work
    We Have Professional Equipment
    We use only Safe cleaning products no chemicals.
    We Protect the fibers of your carpet and treat it gently



Why Hire Expert Cleaning instead of doing it yourself

You can certainly clean your ares rugs, carpets, oriental rugs your self. But the problem is that if you wash them or  steam clean them without using the right cleaning solutions, you may end up making more damage.

If you use detergents, shampoos or other supermarket products that contain harsh chemicals or toxic substances you will harm your rug fibers and will become stiff quickly, just as it happen when your clothes are washed with the wrong products.

There are companies that offer all types of services such as carpet,tile, upholstery, grout, area rug cleaning. We specialize in Carpets and rugs but we do an excellent job. We treat them with the right solutions and make sure that they last beautiful for a long time.


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stain removal

What is your Cleaning process?

  • When we do a new work, we follow some very straight forward steps to make sure that everything works great every time. We modify this process to suit your special needs for a custom treatment.
  • As we begin our cleaning process we decide what treatment is best for you dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Both are powerful treatments but one requires more drying time. We usually recommend steam cleaning.
  • We pre-inspect check the soiling conditions and make inventory of the hard stains that need treatment.
  • We remove furniture and pre-vacuum all areas to get rid of superficial dust.
  • We pre-treat stains that are complicated.
  • We start our steam cleaning process and break down all the dirt and deep dust from your carpet. We then extract all the residuous left with our truck mounted system.
  • We then make our final treatment to difficult stains and make sure that they are gone.
  • We apply a protective shield that keeps away bacteria allergens.
  • As a last step, we review all our work with you, we want you to verify that everything is clean and smooth

Questions and Answers most Frequently Asked.

Do you Offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning?
Yes, we do residential and commercial carpet cleaning in any part of Des Plaines Ia.

Will you give me a Guarantee?
Yes, we are confident in our quality service. If you are not completely satisfied with the results we will clean again or give your money back.

Can you remove Pet Urine?
Yes, we are experts at removing pet urine stains and pet odors.

Are your cleaning products family friendly?
Yes all our cleaning solutions are safe to use on your carpet and for your family, because we dont use any toxic substances or harsh chemicals.

Can you remove Unwanted Odors?
Sure we can, we can remove pet odors or any other type.

Can you give my carpet a Makeover?
Yes, when we clean your carpet we use the best cleaning products and treatments, that give your rugs and carpet an overhaul as if they were new.

Is your Personal Trained?
We always train our personal and they are professionals in their job.

How can i keep my carpet clean until i hire deep clean?
You should vacuum every day and remove stains as soon as possible before they become permanent.

When should i hire professional cleaning?
You should hire steam cleaning for your rugs and carpets at least every 12 to 18 months.


Some final advice you should take

You know how important is to give your  area rugs and carpet complete maintenance regularly. Make an schedule of the days that you are going to vacuum and the months you are going to steam clean.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you steam clean them at least every 12 to 24 months of else your warranty is not valid.

keep track of your cleaning schedule and hire professional rug and carpet cleaning in Des Plaines Iowa every few months.

We are going to help you keep the beauty, softness and smoothness  of your carpets for many years.


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