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Get Professional Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Davenport Iowa, we are experts at removing though stains, spots,dirt,dust, pet urine, pet odors and bacteria.

There exist many offices, businesses, houses and buildings in Davenport ia with carpets and rugs  installed as part of their interior design.

People that let their  carpet sit without proper care end up having a very dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly  rug that no one wants. Carpets have become very popular because they prevent accidents, retain pollution, reduce noise in the office  and make a place look comfortable and elegant.

However buying a carpet or rug  requires  a significant investment that you need to take care of. There are carpets with different designs and materials such as wool, cotton, polypropylene, acrylic and more.

But you need to know what are the required cleaning specifications, you need to ask your carpet manufacturer how you should take care of your carpet so it can last for a long time.

Vacuuming every day is a usual recommendation, but also professional deep cleaning is a requirement at least every 12 to 24 months or else your carpet will suffer the consequences and become dull.


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cleaning carpetWe can help you with your cleaning

We are a  pro carpet cleaning service in Davenport iowa, we know what we are doing, we have the professional equipment and we pride ourselves of providing a high quality customer service.

The carpet design is very thick  and dirt slips easily into the base of the carpet, but it makes it very difficult to remove all that deep dust once its in the base. Common vacuums just can clean superficially.

However  we use extreme power vacuums, unbelievable heat and agitation to remove even the most  stubborn dirt.

Our dedication is to make a difference and make your rugs last for a long time soft, clean and smooth.


carpet cleaning professionalsThere are many cleaning companies that promise to do the job cheaply, but they dont have the professional equipment and if they use chemical substances will only make your carpet stiff.

Our team has the experience, equipment and desire to make a great impression.


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stain removal

What is the cleaning procedure we follow

  • We have a very through procedure that we follow each and every time we clean a new house, so we can evaluate our results and verify that everything works fine.
  • We begin with our pre-inspection phase where we check every carpet area soiling conditions, complicated stains, high traffic areas and decide on the best procedure to follow.
  • We then start removing all the sofas, chairs and anything that may complicate our cleaning work.
  • We then immediately start to pre-vacuum all the areas so we can get rid of dust.
  • Pr-treat stained areas that require our cleaning solutions.
  • We then apply our steam cleaning treatment, this is when we break down all the dirt and with our truck mounted powerful vacuum system extract all the dirt and residuous.
  • Our next step is to finish treating stains and spots.
  • Optional, we can apply a protective solution to prevent bacteria and dirty from getting into your carpet fibers.
  • We finally inspect and review every single area with you, so we can verify that we didnt miss anything and you are completely happy.

Here are some questions and answers you may have about our service.

What can i expect from your service?
You can expect a very professional customer service and a carpet that will look great, smell fresh, be soft and last for a long time.

Can you give me a free quote?
Yes, just call us and  one of our representatives will take your information and give you a free quote based on what you need.

How can i trust you, do you have a guarantee?
Yes, we know how important is to gain your trust and be your top priority cleaning provider that is why we fully guarantee our services.

Do you use harsh chemicals?
No, we only use safe cleaning solutions that are environment friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals and toxic substances that could damage the health of your family and your pets.

Are your Employees certified?
Yes our employees are certified  in the industry cleaning standards and they are professionals.

Can my carpet be restore?
if your carpet is very damaged,we can certainly do a lot to improve it with our powerful cleaning treatment. However if its broken or highly damage we may not be able to do much about it.

How often it is recommended to do steam cleaning
At least every 12 to 24 months to keep your carpet  in shape. The more use  and more dirt your carpet is, the more often you should clean.



Our Final Advice to keep your Carpet Beautiful

carpetcleanerYou know how dirt carpets and area rugs can become, you should take care of them, avoid steping over them with wet shoes, avoid pets from doing their stuff in  them and check your kids dont leave candy or gum on.

But no matter what you do eventually your carpet will become dirt and disasters will happen at home, thats why you should call the professional carpet cleaners in Davenport iowa.

Remember that every carpet manufacturer company requires you to clean and follow their standards if you want them  to make your warranty valid.

We have some very competitive prices, but sometimes we have special deals.


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