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Looking for Professional Carpet Cleaning in Council Bluffs iowa, our premium services can remove hard stains, dust, deep dirt, pet odors, urine and even microorganisms.

There are a wide variety of businesses, homes and offices that install carpets and area rugs in Council Bluffs ia, they do it because it has many benefits.

Carpets are great becuase they reduce noise in offices, they keep a place warm, filter air quality retaining bacteria and prevent slipping accidents.

When you buy a carpet or rug you invest a lot of money and you want it to last for many years, your manufacturer company should tell you what are the cleaning guidelines that you have to follow.

But sometimes home owners forget about the importance of regular cleaning and professional steam cleaning every few months to remove all the deep dust, stains and allergens in your rugs.

A carpet that is not treated properly becomes dull and lifeless in a short time.


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cleaning carpetWhat can our service do for you

We are expert carpet  cleaners in Council Bluffs iowa and we want to  make an overhaul to your area rugs and carpets. With our advanced safe cleaning solutions, our power vacuum extractor and effective steam cleaning treatment you carpet will look like new.

We are very careful in  removing stains from food, wine, gum, candy and urine, we know that you dont want your carpet fibers to get damaged.

Many second hand companies use harsh chemicals and toxic substances to scrub and remove  stains and dont have the power of a truck mounted vacuum extractor to get the job done.

We want to clean your rugs but we also want them to last for many years soft, smooth, glowing and smelling fresh.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy is necessary to hire a pro carpet cleaning service every few months

Keeping your carpet in great shape requires that you follow some simple guidelines and avoid doing some common mistakes.

Trying to do i all on your own and telling your house keeper how to clean your rugs is not the best option. You should vacuum every day and remove stains as soon as possible, but every few months you need to hire professional cleaning to remove the most in depth dirt.

Carpets have tick design where dirt slips through and sits on the base, as time passes it accumulate more dirt that your vacuum cant remove. That is why is necessary extreme vacuum power, unbelievable heat and agitation to extract the most hard dirt, allergens and stains.


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stain removal

What is the cleaning process we follow

  • Every time we get a new cleaning job, we follow a very clear path that has worked for us to get great results. Depending on your situation and needs we customize our treatment.
  • We start by inspecting every aspect of your carpet and area rugs such as soiling conditions, stains, spots and decide what is the best treatment to apply.
  • We then remove all the furniture that is in our way and anything that could get broken easily. Then we begin our pre-vacuum phase to remove all the dust and dirt.
  • We pre-treat stained areas that need our attention.
  • With our hot water extraction system we breakdown all the difficult dirt, dust, allergens and extract it with our truck mounted system.
  • We treat once again stains and spots until they are gone.
  • At this point we can apply a protective solution that will protect your carpet fibers from further environment damage.
  • We then check and review that everything looks great, we want you to see the results and let us know if you are thrilled or else we will continue our treatment.

Some Questions potential clients want to know

What results can i expect?
We have the best professional equipment, treatments and cleaning solutions so you can be sure that we will do a makeover to your carpet and make it look soft, smooth, clean and fresh.

How frequently should i clean my rugs and carpets?
If in your house live:
1-2 adults - every 12 to 18 months
1-2 adults plus 1-2 children - every 6 to 12 months
1-2 adults plu children plus 1 pet - every 2 to 6 months
more than 5 people and more than one pet - every 3 months.

Will i get a guarantee?
Yes all our services are fully guaranteed, you can be confident that our service is professional.

Can you give me a free estimate?
Yes just call our office and we will make you a free quote based on the service you need.

Do your cleaning solutions contain toxic substances?
Absolutely No, we only use cleaning solutions that are safe and free of any harsh chemicals or toxic harmful substances.

is your personal trained?
Yes, we train regularly our people with the latest cleaning treatments.

What cleaning method should i choose?
There are people that choose dry cleaning usually because it takes less time to dry but it is more recommended steam cleaning for a more through treatment.

Can i get a discount?
We dont give discounts, but sometimes we may have special deals, you can ask for them.

Do you do upholstery, duct, tile and grout cleaning?
No, we specialize in carpet, area rug and oriental rug cleaning and we are the best at it.



Let me give you some final advice

carpetcleanerIf you have a carpet or area rug installed in your house or office and you want it to look great, soft, smooth and beautiful for a long time you should definitely hire our carpet cleaning services in Council Bluffs Iowa.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you at least deep clean your rugs every 12 to 24 months.

Dont settle for second hand companies that may do a basic job, clean your carpet and remove dust. You need a premium service that will make sure that your take care of your carpet fibers and make them stay soft and smooth for a long time to come.

Either Residential or Commercial carpet cleaning we can help you just give us a call.

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