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Get Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Ankeny Iowa, We remove the most difficult stains, dust, dirt and odors.

There are several businesses, offices, hotels and houses that use carpets and rugs in the area of Ankeny in the state of Iowa. Carpets are used because they give a very luxury touch to your house, reduce noise in offices and filter air quality.

However carpets are not cheap, they are a big  investment and require proper cleaning maintenance. Depending on what type and material of rug you buy, your carpet manufacturer should recommend you some cleaning guidelines.

Commercial and residential carpets require that you invest some money in professional deep cleaning at least once every 12 months or else you risk getting your carpet stuff with deep dirt, odors, allergens and stain that become difficult to remove.

Also lack of proper care cause your rugs to become stiff, dull and ugly.



housekeeperFortunately we can offer you a Great Cleaning Service at a Budget you can Afford.

We can provide you with a premium carpet cleaning service in Ankeny Iowa, we pride ourselves of providing a high quality customer service that gives attention to detail.

Our carpet and rug cleaning service can get rid of dirt, dust, pet odors, pet urine, allergens, bacteria, microorganisms and difficult stains from wine, food, gum, candy and anything else.

With our professional equipment and advanced safe cleaning solutions we give a makeover to your carpet and also prolonge the life of its fibers, looking soft, smooth, beautiful and smelling fresh.



Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is important

Even though you may have a house keeper, a vacuum and a steam cleaner, it is better that you let the hire a professional carpet cleaner rental, than do in it your self.

You should vacuum every day to remove all the superficial dust, dirt and stains that may cause permanent damage, but you should hire professional rug cleaners at least every 12 months.

Many household detergents, shampoos and other cleaning solutions contain  harsh chemicals, toxic substances and other things that may cause more damage to your carpet fibers.

Those harfmul substances will cause your  rug fibers to become dull, lifeless and stiff.



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What Cleaning Steps we Followw

In order to make an outstanding work we always follow a successful process that our staff learn and we customize with to your personal needs.

We start by inspecting your area rugs,carpets and oriental rugs. We make an inventory of the potential permanent stains and high traffic areas.

We decide what cleaning treatment we recommend you: dry cleaning, steam cleaning or chem dry.

We start removing all the furniture from the are we are going to clean and then start the pre-vacuuming process.

We treat stains with our cleaning solutions carefully

We apply our hot water extraction system also called steam cleaning. This breaks down all the dirt and then we extract it with our truck mounted system.

We apply our protective shield to your fibers to prevent them from further damage from the environment and bacteria.

We give a last touch to your stains and then review all the work we have done with you. We want you to be happy and satisfied with the results.

Common Questions you  may want to askers

Do you provide commercial cleaning?
Yes, we work with businesses also, we can take care of your carpets and rugs on a regular basis.

Will you give me a Guarantee?
Yes, our work is fully Guaranteed and we are confident that you are going to love it.

Can i get a free quote estimate?
Yes, we can give you a no hassle free quote, just call us and tell us the service you need.

Are your cleaning products safe for my pets?
Yes, all our cleaning solutions are completely safe for your pets, your family, your kids and your rug fibers.

How often should i clean my Carpet?
You should vacuum every day, clean stains as soon as possible and hire expert deep cleaning at least every 12 to 18 months.

My carpet is dull, can you do something about it?
Sure, let us check it out and make a diagnostic, we then will let you know what kind of improvement you can expect.

Are there any discounts?
We dont give discounts, though we may have some special deals or offers sometimes during the year.



Now that you know the importance of Carpet Cleaning on a regular basis, its your call

Providing constant maintenance its a responsability, but it is worth it, just taking care, vacuuming, not stepping with we shoes and cleaning stains quickly.

However no matter what we do, our carpets absorb dirt and bacteria from the environment and they also get stained by food and other small things that we may have missed.

This is why is important to hire professional area rug and carpet cleaners in Ankeny Iowa every few months.

Follow your carpet company advice, your rug will be clean and your family will be protected from potential harmful bacteria.


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