How to prevent your rug from becoming an Adobe Rug

orientalrugcleaningJust as you provide regular maintenance to your car to keep it running great, you have to give proper maintenance to your rug if you want it to look nice for a long time. How do you prevent long term damage to your rugs? Simple, just keep it clean, you should at least make a deep rug cleaning at least every other year, thats how you prevent it from becoming an adobe rug.

Get rid of Excess dust and dirt

The biggest factors that destroy find and oriental rugs are dirt and dust. Once dirt and dust gets into your rug it starts to cut away the fibers. In places with large amounts of dirt and dust such as New Mexico the problem is worst. The dust starts to get into the base of your fiber rugs and makes it difficult to clean.

Avoid Steam Cleaning

Most people believe that steam cleaning or a steam cleaner can fix the problem, but it can make it worse. Steam cleaning can be effective at getting rid of soil from your carpets, but the fibers of oriental rugs are tightly packed together, therefore steam cleaning packs the dirt even further in the rug.
Then the dirt hardens and it becomes an adobe in your rug.

What about Mechanical Cleaning Process

It requires a very strong mechanical motion to remove adobe packed into your rug. Once it is broken down the dirt needs to be removed before the rug gets wet. This is done with pneumatic that beat the dry particulates of the rug. Then is when you begin to truly clean your rug.

With regular cleaning you can avoid dust and dirt from getting into your rugs. It is recommended to at least clean your rugs fully every 2 years to keep dirt from forming that bond.