How to Plan to Keep your Home Clean

cleaning carpet Do you have a family and a home? then you know how daunting it can be to keep your home clean specially when you have kids, it becomes a job that you have to do everyday, that is why you must know the most effective way to clean your home as if it were a system you have follow on a daily basis.

There is a 5 part plan that you should follow to target the areas of your home most likely to get dirt, clutter and grime.

If you follow this list everyday you are making your best effort at cleaning your house.

Sort the Mail: Oh the mail it can take over your home very fast. Go through todays mail and throw away into the trash what you dont need. Then open each envelope, if you can handle it now like filling out a form or making a payment do it.

Clear the Dishes: You should not go to bed until you have clean all the dishes in the sink, you dont want to wake up with dirty dishes, trust me it will be a bad day to start.

Wipe Down Bathroom and Kitchen Counters: With no junk mail and dishes cluttering the counter this should be a simple task. Just grab a wipe or rag and wipe all down.

Sweep the Kitchen Floor: You should wipe crumbs from the counter to the floor, then sweep the floor clean.

Organize your Shoes: To reduce clutter before bed gather the loose shoes and leave one pair per person on the front door and the other pairs leave them on the closets.

Vacuum your Carpets: At least once a week you should vacuum your carpets if you want them to look great. But also once every 6 or 12 months hire professional carpet cleaners to do the deep cleaning, apply protection and remove any stains and spots.

If you have pets you have to train them to do their necessities outside or else you will have a very hard time cleaning everywhere.

Those are some simple house cleaning steps you should follow every day to keep your house clean and clutter free, if you do those things every day, you will feel like you have reduced your cleaning job during the week a lot.