How to Make your Home Storage Savvy

storagecontainersWhen you want to clean up your home if there is a mess is much more difficult and feels a dauting task,that is why is necessary to be storage savvy at home and have the right places to keep our stuff when we are not using it.

The Crafty Room

If you have large items or a bulk amount of things, an easy idea is to keep them organized on storage totes. Their versatile design lets you fill up to 70 quarts of space with whatever you want to put. If you buy different totes colors use a color for specific type of items for better organization.

Colorful Crates

Using colorful crates will give a more good vibe to your home or office. Use stackable taskets to store books, shoes or stationary in. You can easily crate a shelving unit by stacking them high.

Dark colors for Garages

The garage is usually the place more neglected of your home, since guests usually dont see that area, we dont give it enough though and is usually a mess. However using a few rugged totes can make a great difference, they have 27 gallons of capacity and clear a lot of room with just one. Add also a steel garage shelving unit and you will have enough space to store everything.

Those are a just some simple but very useful ideas to keep your home and office organized with totes that you can buy at home depot or other place. Take your time to do it once and you will have a very organized home that will give you a more positive vibe where you live.