How to Hire a Housekeeper

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housekeeperCleaning a house is a daunting task and there is no mom that can do it all alone, you need to hire a housekeeper to help you out, but you need to know how, because you dont want to hire anybody.

You can start by going to and post a cleaning job to get applicants and interview the top 3 candidates, but what questions should you ask them? What should you be careful with? what red flags should you be aware of?

So here are a few things to keep in mind when interviewing a housekeeper:

What are your needs? Have a plan, tell where you need cleaning, do you want her to organize your closets, kitchen, make the beds, clean the toilets? You need to know this so you can clearly tell the housekeeper what you expect here to do.

What are her Qualifications:  What skills do they have, you can check their profile, what is her experience? cleaning small apartments or houses? You need to know this, ask her.

What experience she has: Is very positive to hire someone with experience, because they should know how to clean right she may even tell you what cleaning products she needs to clean properly. However not always is possible to hire someone with experience and that doesent mean that she wont do a good job.
Ask what size of house or apartment she use to clean
How long she has been working as a housekeeper
Does she knows how to clean different areas of the house such as floors and carpets.

What is her Schedule: What hours is she available and what days she can come to clean the house, you want someone that can adjust to a regular schedule every week.

What Cleaning Supplies are needed: Will you buy the cleaning products or does she bring them, do they contain harsh chemicals.

What are the payment options: You should tell her upfront what is your budget or how much you are willing to pay per house of work.

What References she has: Ask for any type of references from here previous job or company there should be no problem with this. This will give you more security that she is someone you can trust and with a good working background. You dont want to hire someone that was fired because she stole something or bad behaviour

You can ask her many more things during the interview, those are some of the most important questions you should ask her. However you can also ask about her family, what she likes about being a housekeeper, is she going to eat at your home, does she need a place to sleep, does she like kids.

All those are important questions that will give you an idea of how appropriate she is for the job.