House Cleaning Step by Step Guide

  • Cleaning houseYou may do house cleaning a few times a week or just once a week but you know how dauting the task can become if you dont have a clear plan and you have to do all the work. There are professional house cleaning  Serices that you can hire, but you have to be careful and hire only professionals and know how to do their job and have a clear organized game plan for your house.First you need to start by picking up clutter that will make your job difficult, throw away what you are not using any longer or put it on a garage storage. You may want to donate some things you no longer use, the less you have the easier it will be for your to clean including books, dvds, magazines, toys, etc.

    If your closets are a mess, you need to give it sometimes and throw away clothes you no longer use.

    Now clean the dust with microfiber cloths. This will improve air quality and lower allergens in your house. Hit the tops of doors, fans, picture frames, etc. Use a glass cleaner for tv screens and computer monitors.

    Vacuum using the right settings and attachments. Do the floors and upholstered furniture.

    Mop starting at the farthest corner of the room and move back to the entrance.

    Your furniture may need a good waxing every now and then


    Clean cabinets and countertops
    Clean appliances like microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher
    Wipe down stove top
    Clean the sink
    Sweep and mop floor


    Remove rugs and wastebaskets
    Wet shower walls with warm water
    Then apply tile and grout cleaner
    Clean everything with an all purpose cleaner except shower, toilet, vanity
    Fill a bucket with a quarter cup of cleaner and water to prep for foor cleaning
    Scrub shower walls and door
    Clean shower racks
    Rinse walls of shower and dry with cloth
    Scrub sink
    Rinse the sink and your rag
    clean mirror
    clean cabinet fronts
    shine the faucets
    wash the floor with a cleaning solution


    Once yo have de clutter, dusted and vacuumed your house, including your bedrooms you are done. Just make the bed, put any furniture that you removed to clean


    Just use a streat free glass cleaner and wipe with newspapers
    Clean hard to reach windows with a professional quality squeegee.

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