Empowered Water for a Better carpet Cleaning

cleaning floor tileNow that we are in summer is a good time to do your carpet cleaning because they will dry fast. Hot water from the summer is very beneficial to have your carpets cleaned, the dry time is faster.

In the carpet cleaning industry the most common complains are over wetting and slow dry times. Many services still use soapy water and then try to vacuum, that is a flawed system, there is better technology that does not leave residue.

Empowered Water works on tile, hardwood and tile as well as carpets.

But what is Empowered Water? according to Zerorez is enhanced water that is oxidized and electrolyzed to create a powerful cleaning solution with no harmful chemicals or toxins. That is why it is an effective cleaning agent.

No matter what method you prefer, is important that you do a deep cleaning of your carpets at least every 6 months if you want them to last and prevent any unwanted odors.

There are different carpet cleaning companies that offer their services for wet or dry cleaning. Make sure that the company has a good track record and that they offer 100% Guarantee.


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