Top Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes you Must Avoid

rsz_1carpetuashcleaningCarpet cleaning is not a difficult task, however if you do it with the wrong techniques and it can get ugly very quickly, you can damage your expensive carpet, spread the spots and cause permanent damage to your carpet.

So the next time you spill some red wine or sauce in to your carpet be sure to do your research of how to properly clean a carpet and avoid the following common mistakes that most people do.

Not Cleaning up Spills, if you dont clean the spills immediately the red wine in your carpet will be absorbed by the fibers, then the spill may dry and set.

Cleaning with the wrong products, there are many products that you can buy to help you clean your carpet and each one has a specific purpose. But be sure to read the label carefully, help your self with the internet. There are many products such as laundry detergents that are too harsh for the carpets, so be careful with any strong chemicals.

Not Taking Proper Care of your carpet, you have to take proper care of your rug or carpet, dont let pets on it, dont let kids play with candy on it, have cleaning products on your home in case there is a sudden spill on your party.

Carpet Cleaning to Frequently, its important to clean your carpet, but dont do it weekly, overdoing it can effect the beauty of your carpet as the fibers become faded and damaged.

Not Hiring a carpet cleaning company, this is a common mistake, most people want to clean their carpet and avoid the extra cost of hiring a professional company. The fact is that there are many professional cleaning services very affordable. A Professional company will remove any stain, dirt, dust, pet fur, long lasting odors and make your carpet look new for your guests.

Not testing the new products, its important that you test your cleaning products before using harsh chemicals on your carpet fibers. For example before you clean a stain in  your room, apply it in a hidden area to test what results you get.

Do not Scrub Excessively, overdoing it would spoil the carpet very soon.

Avoid deodorizing powders, they may smell great, but only use them when your carpet smells bad, if you do it on a regular basis it will damage your carpets quality.

Those are some of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid so your carpet can last longer. It is always recommended to call a professional cleaning company that can take care of your carpet, with the proper equipment and washing products that will make it look clean new and will last longer.


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