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Need Pro Carpet Cleaning in Thornton Colorado? We are specialist in removing the most though stains, hard spots and eliminate allergens, dust mites and bacteria.

There are many homeowners, offices, hotels, restaurants and businesses that install carpets or area rugs due to the many advantages it provides and because it looks beautiful makes a place look comfortable.

But what happens with use and time?

You suddenly start noticing blemishes, marks, stained areas, discoloring and even stiff areas that is not what you want to see, you dont want that ugly thing in your house.

Thats why professional carpet cleaning in Thornton is necessary every few months. Carpet manufacturers recommend that you clean them every 12 to 24 months, but if you use a lot your carpets and you have a full family at home is better to clean about every 5 months.

You need to take proper care of your carpets and area rugs if you want them to last looking soft and beautiful. You should vacuum every day and treat stains as soon as possible.


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cleaning carpetBut we can turn this around and make your carpet look gloming once again

We know how important are your carpets and rugs for you, they are part of your interior design and people notice, if carpets look great they impress people, if they look ugly and dull, it make a place look deteriorated.

Our Premium carpet cleaning service in Thornton Co will take care of it and use our advanced cleaning treatments to give life back to your carpets.

we remove pet odors, pet urine, deep dust, though stains from wine, food, gum, candy and we get rid of bacteria, microorganisms, allergens and dust mites that can harm the health of your family.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy hire Specialist

We dont provide all types of cleaning services such as upholstery, duct cleaning, tile and grout we focus in one thing and we do it best than anyone else: Carpet Cleaning.

Every day dust and dirt that we gets in our house  falls on the top of your carpet which are tick fibers, but then slips in to the base and it makes it very difficult for any common vacuum to remove it.

We use extreme power vacuums to remove the most deep dirt, dust and bacteria. Either with steam cleaning or dry cleaning in Thornton we can help you.


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An Excellent Customer Service
We Fully Guarantee our Services
We only Use Safe Cleaning Solutions
We treat your Carpet Gently
We Restore your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the lifetime of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

We follow a very powerful cleaning procedure

  • We are experts and we have done this work hundreds of times and with experience we have made a clear procedure that works for us everytime and that we adapt to your needs.
  • The first step that will take every time we arrive at your home is pre-inspection, we check every area of your carpet and area rugs to find though stains, blemishes and damaged areas. So then we decide what procedure to use.
  • If necessary we remove furniture such as sofas. We then can start our pre-vacuuming process as well as pre-agitation to loosen deep soil.
  • We pre-spray deodorize and use our natural cleaners.
  • We hand pre-treat stained areas with care using our powerful cleaning agents.
  • We apply our steam or dry cleaning procedure to break loose all the difficult dirt and dust. With our truck mounted extraction system we get rid of all the deep dirt and allergens.
  • We then treat again your spots and stains until they are gone
  • If you want we can apply a protective agent that keeps soil away for longer time.
  • At the end i will ask you to come with me to review the work we have done and make sure that you are very happy.

Questions our clients often ask

Can you restore my dull carpet?
Yes, with our powerful steam cleaning system and our careful treatment your carpet can take new life, but of course we are going to diagnose the situation beforehand and let you know what are the real expectative of the results.

Do you have a Guarantee?
Yes we guarantee our service and we are sure that you are going to be thrilled with the results.

Can you give me a quote estimate?
Yes call us, our team will answer your call and give you a quote over the phone after you give him the sizes.

Do you use eco friendly family products?
Yes, we dont use any products with harsh chemical substances, we only use solutions that have proven to be good for your carpet and your family health.

Is your personal certified?
Yes all our personal are professionals and are certified.

Do you offer discounts?
No, we have some very fair prices for the quality service that we give, but we may offer some special deals some times during the year.



So, What are you going to do

carpetcleanerif you see that your carpet is dusty and have some blemishes and stains it is a sign that you must call the experts to help you clean.

Lack of maintenance cause your carpet to become dull, lifeless and stiff, just a little care every day will do wonders.

But hiring professional carpet cleaners in Thornton Colorado is necessary at least every 12 months, but if your carpets are used a lot and you have at least 5 family members you should clean it at least every 5 months.

Let us help you, we have the experience, the equipment and the right treatment, it is not just about cleaning and removing dirt is about prolonging the lifetime of your rugs and carpets for many years to come looking beautiful.


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