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Get The Best Carpet Cleaning in Pueblo Colorado, We treat gently and remove difficult stains, pet odors, pet urine, dust, allergens, bacteria and all Microorganisms.

It is understandable how busy you should be with work and life happens, therefore you dont have the time and expertise to remove those grey areas in your carpet, blemishes, stains and all the dust that gets suck deep inside your fibers.

We can help you our with our professional area rug and carpet cleaning service in Pueblo co.

Carpets are very common in offices, houses and hotels, they are used a lot but they absorb all the dirt from our shoes that we bring from the street, also carpets filter air quality by absorbing all the dirt and pollen in the air.

However taking proper care of your carpets and area rugs is necessary or they will become dull, lifeless and stiff. You invested a lot of money in your rugs as part of your interior design decoration and you dont want it to look dull and ugly.


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cleaning carpetHow we can Help you

We can help you with our pro carpet cleaner team in Pueblo Colorado, we have the expertise and a proven cleaning process to gently remove the most difficult stains from food, wine, candy, gum, pets, etc.

Our Mission is to make your carpets glow again and prolong its life for many years. Carpets require proper care as your manufacturer should tell you, but if you dont clean it with the proper agents, they they risk becoming stiff.

We want to deliver quality, we pride ourselves of our great customer service and want you to experience it. We are not just going to deliver wonderful results but we are going to instruct you how to keep your rugs in optimal condition through the following months.


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Why Professional Cleaning is Necessary

There are house owners that believe that they can let their house keeper do the the cleaning job and call it a day. But be careful because using detergents with toxic substances and shampoos with harsh chemicals could harm forever your fibers.

Carpets come with a protection that delays the time it takes for your carpet to absorb the dirt, however over time that protection wears off. Thats why we apply a protective shield after we clean that keeps dirt away.

You have to vacuum every day that is good and will do wonders to keep your rug fine, however some dust will slip through the thick fibers and get into the base, that becomes impossible to remove with common household vacuum machines. Thats why we use extreme power vacuums with heat and agitation.


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We provide an excellent customer service
We Guarantee our Work
We only Use Safe Cleaning Solutions
We treat you rugs and carpet very carefully
We Restore your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the lifetime of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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This is the cleaning process we follow

  • We follow a proven cleaning process that has worked for us for a long time. We adapt our process to your particular needs.
  • We like to start by making a complete inspection of the condition of your carpets and rugs, what are their soiling conditions, where are the blemishes, where are the stains, where are the traffic areas and what treatment is the best approach.
  • Then we remove furniture that we can move, remove any breakable things and start our pre-vacuum process.
  • We then start to treat stains and apply our special solution.
  • We can apply steam cleaning or dry foam any of those treatment we do very well. In most cases we recommend steam cleaning as the best approach for its effectiveness.
  • We use our truck mounted system to extract all the dirt, dust, allergens and difficult grim. Our Vacuums have extreme power, extreme heat and agitation.
  • We check if stains and gone or if they need some more care.
  • We have a protective shield that we can apply and is necessary to delay dirt from getting into your fibers.
  • Finally we always review our work with you, your opinion is what counts, we want you to be completely satisfied with our results.

Here are The Questions you may want to ask you

Can you Restore my Dull Carpet?
Yes we can apply our full steam cleaning treatment, apply some of our special agents and give special care to those areas that may be becoming stiff.

How can i trust you?
We fully guarantee all our services you dont have to worry, all the pressure is on us. we want to gain your trust and work with you on a regular basis.

How Steam Cleaning compare to dry cleaning?
Both are extremely powerful treatments that work as long as someone with experience do it. There are people that prefer dry cleaning because they had a bad experience that a cleaner left residuous and moisture when apply steam cleaning, but that was a bad job by amateurs.

How do it prepare for your cleaning service?
All you have to do is remove any items that may be breakable and electronics. WE can remove furniture as long as it is not extremely heavy.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my family?
Yes that is a must, we only use cleaning agents that are environment friendly and that dont have toxic substances that could harm the health of your family and pets.

How much time it takes to dry?
It takes about 4 hours, so its not much really.

What is Soil Retardant?
It is a special protective coating that carpets and rugs have when you buy them, but they were off with use and time. We apply a protective shield when we finish cleaning that is a soil retardant.



Here is my final recommendation to you if you want beautiful carpets at home or in the office

carpetcleanerHaving a beautiful, soft and glowing carpet is not luck, you have to give it proper are, vacuum every day and hire pro carpet cleaners every 5 or 6 months.

We have the experience and equipment to do an excellent job, we care for your rugs and carpets, we are here for the long run and want to be your top priority cleaning provider.

Call us and try our carpet cleaning service in Thornton Colorado, there is no risk, we fully guarantee our service or you get your money back.

Manufacturers recommend that you deep clean at least every 12 months, however if you use your rugs a lot and you have more than 5 family members you should deep clean it every 5 months.

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