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Full Service Carpet Cleaning in Loveland Co, We make a complete overhaul of your carpets and rug.

Many home owners and businesses in Loveland Colorado use carpets and area rugs as part of their interior design, but sometimes with all the day to day activities and busy work they forget to give proper care to their carpets.

Professional deep carpet cleaning should be done at least every 6 to 12 months to remove all the dirt, stains and odors that get stuck in to your rug and carpet fibers.

We are expert carpet cleaners and can remove the most though stains and dirt without using toxic chemicals or harsh substances.

Daily vacuuming is necessary and good to remove superficial dirt, but unfortunately a lot of dust slips into the base of your fibers and it becomes very difficult to remove with a common vacuum.

We have the experience and extreme power vacuum, with heat and agitation to get the job done.


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cleaning carpetWhy we are the Best Choice for your Carpet Cleaning needs?

We are a Premium carpet cleaning service in Loveland Colorado, we have years of experience, use safe cleaning products and have the professional equipment to make an excellent job.

Our Mission is to provide you a high quality cleaning service that will not only remove dirt and stains but preserve the life of your carpets and rugs looking soft, smooth, fresh and beautiful.

We pay attention to detail and customize our cleaning treatment to your needs. If you have a special grey area that you dont like we can apply our special solutions there and treat it gently.


carpet cleaning professionalsHere is What professional cleaning can do for you

You may think that doing your own carpet cleaning is more cost effective, you buy a powerful vacuum, buy some cleaning detergents and let your maid do the job, but that is a big mistake.

Even though it is highly recommended that you vacuum every day and remove stains as soon as possible, deep cleaning or steam cleaning should not be done with the wrong cleaning agents by un experienced people.

The use of the wrong cleaning products such as detergents and shampoos can damage the fibers of your carpet and even leave toxic substances that could harm the health of your kids.

Pro Cleaning is Different

Our professional carpet cleaners can take care of it with the right cleaning solutions free of hazard chemicals and with the professional equipment such as extreme power vacuums with heat.


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Excellent Customer Service
We Guarantee all our services
We use environment friendly solutions
We pay attention to detail
WE make a complete makeover to your carpet
WE extend its life

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

This is our Professional Cleaning Procedure in Loveland

  • In order to provide an excellent service, we have refined a very effective cleaning process that we customize to your needs.
  • We have to do our Pre-Inspection phase to begin. In this phase we check every room, carpet and rug to find stains, spots, blemishes and to check soiling conditions.
  • We decide what si the best cleaning treatment for your carpet or area rugs.
  • We recommend that you move any breakable items and electronics before we arrive, so we can remove all the furniture without any additional cost.
  • We apply our special cleaning solutions to your rug stains, apots and blemishes.
  • Now we begin to apply our dry or steam cleaning treatment. Usually hot water extraction is the most recommended treatment if its applied by professionals.
  • We use our truck mounted system to remove all the deep dust, bacteria, residuos and odors. We use extreme vacuum power, agitation and heat.
  • We treat the stained areas once again to remove them.
  • Carpets when they are new they have a protective shield that prevent dirt from sliping into the base of your fibers, but it wears off. We apply our special protective spray so your carpet does not absort dirt.
  • Finally once all the work is done and stains removed, we review all the areas with you, we want to you if you are thrilled with our results.

What are the most asked questions about our service?

Can you restore the beauty of my carpet?
We can make a complete overhaul to your carpet and apply our powerful cleaning agents. But first we evaluate the conditions of your carpet, to see how damaged are its fibers and let you know what results you can expect up front.

I want a Guarantee?
Dont worry, we fully guarantee our services, all the risk is on us. If you dont like the results we re-clean or we dont charge you.

Are your cleaning products safe for my pets and family?
Yes, we only use cleaning agents that do not contain any harsh chemicals, harmful detergents or toxic substances. Our Products are safe for your family and your fibers.

What is better steam cleaning or dry cleaning in Loveland?
In our experience both are very powerful and effective treatments to clean your rugs and carpets, but only if they are applied by experts that know how to do it.

What do i have to do to prepare before you arrive?
We recommend that you remove from your rooms all the items that could get broken and electronics. Also if you have very heavy furniture you should move it.But we can move all other furniture.

How often should i clean my carpet?
You should vacuum your rugs every day if possible to remove dirt and avoid it from slipping to the base. But you should hire professional deep cleaning in loveland co at least every 6 months depending on how much you use your carpets.



Here is what we recommend you to do

carpetcleanerAs you can see taking care of your carpets, area rugs and oriental rugs is a serious work and you  have to hire professionals with experience.

Doing all the work your self is daunting and you put your carpets at risk for not doing it right.

If  you want to hire professional carpet cleaners in Loveland Colorado, just give us a call  and ask for a free quote, no strings attached.

Dont delay, the sooner we treat it the better, we can extend the life of your carpet looking soft, fresh, smooth and beautiful.

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