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Do you need Quality Carpet Cleaning in Longmont colorado? Dont look any more, we are professional area rug and carpet cleaners and can remove the most difficult stains, spots, dirt, odors and bacteria.

There are many carpet cleaning companies in Longmont co that you can hire, but we understand how important is to give a high quality service, we follow industry standards and we go the extra mile to take care of your carpet fibers gently.

In Longmont Colorado there are many busineses, offices, buildings and home owners that have full carpet installation or area rugs. Carpets are have many advantages because they reduce noise, keep the room temperature and even filters air quality.

However when you buy a rug or carpet you have to follow your manufacturer recommendations and clean your carpet regularly. This means vacuuming and dry  or steam clean every few months.

But be careful not to steam clean your carpet with the wrong products, detergents or shampoos those can deteriorate your carpet fibers because those contain harsh chemicals and toxic substances that will make things worse.


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cleaning carpetDry Cleaning or Steam Cleaning

There are people that tell you that one or the other method is worse, the fact is that if you use the wrong cleaning solutions your carpet will suffer damage and secondary effects.

But we can apply safely any treatment that you want based on your carpet conditions and the time  it takes. For instance steam cleaning can take up to 12 house for it to dry, but if we use our carpet drying machine it is much faster.

How our Company Can Help you

Dont worry about those wine spots or that disaster that happen on your rug, we can take care of it, it is always good to remove stains as soon as possible.

Our job is  not just to remove dirt and stains, our mission is to make your carpets last longer looking soft, smooth, smelling fresh and look beautiful. We offer quality, we are here for the long rug and to gain your trust.


carpet cleaning professionals

Why get Pro Carpet Cleaning

Our service covers residential or commercial cleaning. Offices and large buildings hire our services because they need professionals to take care of their very large areas where they have carpets installed and they want their investment to last.

However homeowners should also  hire the experts to remove stains and deep dust. When we do a job carpets and area rugs take on new life.

If you or your housekeeper wash your carpet you wont be able to remove the deep dirt and harsh chemicals will make them stiff.


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An Excellent Customer Service
We Fully Guarantee our Services
We only Use Safe Cleaning Solutions
We treat your Carpet Gently
We Restore your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the lifetime of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

Here is how we work

  • We want to provide a high quality service that you are going to like and then refer your friends to us. Thats why we follow a winning procedure that we customize to your needs.
  • If needed we remove furniture so we can work on all the areas of your house. Then we can start vacuuming and removing all that superficial dirt.
  • We then start to take care of the spots and stains that need our special solutions.
  • Then we apply our dry cleaning or steam cleaning procedure depending on your carpet conditions and your needs. We have our truck mounted system that help us to extract the most difficult dirt and residuous.
  • We treat once again your stains until we remove them.
  • At this point if you want we can apply our protective spray that help you keep your carpet free of soil for a longer time.
  • Finally we review all the work we just did with you, we are not going to leave until you are satisfied with the results and if the next day you see that we missed a stain we comeback.

Questions and Answers you need know about our cleaning service

My carpet looks ugly can you restore it?
Some carpets become ugly due to lack of cleaning or inappropriate cleaning, but we can certainly make a diagnostic and restore its beauty with our treatment.

What other services do you offer?
At this moment we dont do upholstery, tile and grout cleaning we focus on one thing and we do it better.

Do i have a Guarantee that your service will work?
Yes we pride ourselves of a high quality service and we guarantee all our services. If you dont like the results we re-clean and if you steal dont like it we dont charge you.

Can you give me a free quote of your service?
Yes, our representative will ask you some questions like the number of rooms and then give you  a free quote.

Do you use environment friendly products?
Yes, we know how important is to use only cleaning solutions that are safe for the health of your family and pets.

How often is recommended to clean my carpet?
You should vacuum every day if possible and hire deep cleaning service at least every 12 months depending on how often your rugs are used.



Some final words that might help you

carpetcleanerI know there are many cleaning companies out there and you want to compare prices,  but be careful not to choose one based on the cheapest price. When it comes to carpets quality is the best option to maintain them for a long time.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you clean them at least every 12 to 24 months, if you have 5 people or more leaving at home i would recommend every 5 months.

Our staff is fully trained and they are professionals you can ask them any question you have.

If you want your carpet  to last many years soft, smooth, smelling fresh, free of stains and beautiful hire our professional carpet cleaning services in Longmont California.

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