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Do you need Urgent Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood Colorado? Call us, we can get rid of though stains, pet odors, spots,dirt and bacteria with our powerful vacuums.

Every office, hotel, business and house owner that have installed carpets needs professional carpet cleaning in Lakewood at least every 6 months.

Area Rugs and Carpets are used a lot because they have many advantages, they reduce noise at the office, they filter air quality retaining pollen, they prevent falling accidents and they keep the heat temperature.

However there are many people that buy a carpet or area rug and dont provide the proper care that is necessary to keep their carpet fibers in great shape, soft and fresh.

Is great to vacuum every day to remove dirt, but if you have a family that use your carpet every day and you dont do professional steam cleaning every few months, your carpet will suffer the consequences.

Over time the fibers absorb more dirt and allergens into the base which cant be removed by common vacuums.


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cleaning carpetWe want to Help you Keep your Carpet and Area Rugs in Shape

We are experts carpet cleaners in Lakewood Co, we are dedicated to provide a top notch service, we pay attention to detail and use state of the art cleaning technology to make sure that all the dirt and bacteria is removed.

We pride ourselves of our great customer service and to achieve that we dont only clean, we treat your carpets and rugs carefully with the right cleaning solutions to make sure that we extend its life.

There are a wide range of carpet cleaning companies but we love what we do, every customer is a new success story that we can tell.

We can remove difficult stains, pet odors, pet urine, Allergens, bacteria, germs, blemishes and give back life to your old carpet.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy Pro Rug Cleaning is Necessary every Few months

Offices and businesses often choose to hire pro cleaning because they dont have the necessary equipment to do it. But many house owners choose to steam clean themselves and avoid paying for a pro service.

The problem is that you cant remove though dirt. A while after dust falls into your carpet, it slips through the thick fibers and gets into the base.

Once dirt is on the base it becomes impossible for a common vacuum to remove it. An extra powerful vacuum is necessary with heat and agitation. We have the pro equipment and experience to know what cleaning agents have the effect without damaging your fibers.


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Great Customer Service
We Fully Guarantee our Services
We only Use Safe Cleaning Solutions
We treat your Carpet Gently
We Revive your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the life of your rugs and Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

We use a very Stric and Successfull Procedure

  • We like to follow a very stric and usefull cleaning procedure that we have refined over the years and works wonders for your carpet fibers. We then adapt this procedure to your particular situation.
  • Our first step when we arrive at your house is to pre-inspect every single area that we are going to clean, we take note of all the though stains, spots, blemishes, traffic areas, soiling conditions and we then decide what treatment is the best.
  • We pre-treat difficult stains carefully
  • There are 2 main treatments steam cleaning and dry foam. We usually recommend steam cleaning because is very effective with its hot water extraction. It works by forcing by forcing cleaner and hot water throughout the carpet. The cleaner can reach 100 degrees.
  • There is portable extraction and Truck Mounted Extractions. This type of machine is necessary to remove the most difficult stains and pet odors.
  • We Treat stains once again, we check that they are gone.
  • We can apply our protective solution, this is necessary because over time your carpet losses its protection from soil.
  • We Review the Results with you, we like to check that everything was done right and that you are happy with the results.

What are the Most Common Questions People Have about our service?

What can you do for my dull carpet?
We can apply our powerful treatment, remove all the dirt, blemishes, bacteria and do our best to bring it back to life. It will be a complete makeover.

i want a guarantee before i try your services?
Dont worry, we fully guarantee all our services, we are very confident on our results, if you dont like it we re-clean or we dont charge you.

Do you use harsh chemicals to clean?
NO, we dont use toxic detergents, toxic substances or harsh chemicals, we only use eco-friendly solutions and products that are safe for your family and pets.

What is better dry cleaning or steam cleaning in lakewood co?
Both are great methods as long as they are applied correctly by an experienced team. However we usually recommend steam cleaning as the most powerful treatment.

How often should i hire pro cleaning?
Some carpet manufacturers recommend at least every 12 to 18 months to make your warranty valid. But we recommend every 6 months specially if you have a big family of at least 5 people.

Can you Remove Pet Urine and Odors?
Yes we have the necessary equipment and cleaning agents that help you remove those unwanted odors and urine.

How much time does it take to dry?
It usually can take 12 hours, be we can make it dry in about 4 hours.



We are the choice that can take care of your area rugs and carpets with care

carpetcleanerIt is not just about removing though dirt, bacterias and odors, we like to take proper care to the point that we can extend your carpet life looking soft, fresh and beautiful.

Dont settle for a second hand company just because you think is cheap, your carpets require professional care if you want them to last. We are obsessed with detail and use the best cleaning agents to treat it gently.

Hire our expert carpet cleaning service in Lakewood Colorado and you will see what a difference it makes in yout home or office.

Carpets are one of the biggest investment in your home choose the professionals or nothing at all.

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