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Need Full Service Carpet Cleaning in Grand Junction Colorado? We can help you out, our excellent trained staff can remove difficult stains, spots, deep dirt, pet urine, allergens and unwanted odors.

Do you have an area rug or carpet that needs a complete makeover? We can do it for you, we got the professional equipment, safe cleaning solutions, trained experts and experience.

Nowadays most houses and offices have carpets and area rugs installed because they help to reduce noise, filter air quality, prevent accidents and looks very elegant as part of an interior design.

However carpets are need proper care and attention on a regular basis or else they become dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly. But dont worry it does not has to be a daunting task.

What you should be doing is tell your maid to vacuum every day if possible to remove any dirt, dust and clean stains as soon as possible.

But that is not enough, about every 5 months you need to hire professional deep carpet cleaning in Grand Junction Co, if you want to keep the softness and beauty of your carpets.


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cleaning carpetHow we Can Help you with a Makeover and make your carpets look glowing

No matter how hard we try to be careful, there comes a time when accidents happens we spill our carpet and it needs care, but also some of the dust that falls into your carpet fibers end up sliping at the base making it almost impossible for a common vacuum to remove it.

Fortunately we can extract all that deep dust, dirt and allergens with our extreme power vacuums, extreme heat and agitation.
We leave no residuos or moisture, we pay attention to detail.

Our steam cleaning procedure is very powerful and have been proven time and time again to be very effective. However we take care of your carpets and rugs gently, we know that you want them to be clean, but you also want them to last soft and beautiful for many years.


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What do we offer

Our Company offer an excellent customer service and cleaning treatment in Grand Junction Colorado at a cost you can afford.  You can call us for a free quote at any time.

We like to provide a quality service, we are here for the long term, with an excellent service we are going to earn your trust and be your top cleaning provider.

We Guarantee all our services, we can make carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning or oriental rug cleaning.

Its not enough to clean and leave, we make sure that your carpets are treated with the best high quality cleaning solutions that will preserve and extend the life of your carpet fibers for many years to come.


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Excellent Customer Service
Guaranteed Services
Safe Cleaning Solutions
We care for your Carpet and Rugs
Restore your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We extend the life of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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What is our Cleaning Procedure?


  • There are people that may want to know how we operate and how professionals we are. We deliver excellent results and we can do it because we have a proven cleaning process.

    We start by inspecting every area of your carpet, we check what are the soiling conditions, where are the difficult stains and decide what is the best treatment approach.

    We now remove furniture and start our pre-vacuum process to remove all the dirt and dust that is sitting in your fibers.

    Stains is our next step, we start to hand treat them carefuly, using the right cleaning solutions.

    We apply our steam cleaning system, using our powerful truck mounted system extractor. We can remove the most difficult dust and allergens without leaving moisture.

    We treat once again stains making sure that it looks great.

    We can apply our special protector over your carpet fibers, these protector prevents dirt from getting into the base of your carpet so you can vacuum it.

    Finally we always like to review our work with you, is important for us that you are happy with our results or we dont leave until you are.

What are some common Questions people ask about our service

What can i expect from your service if i have a dull and ugly carpet?
We are going to evaluate the situation and see what are its conditions, we are going to make a complete overhaul and use our best cleaning solutions. If your carpet is damaged we are going to let you know.

Do you offer a full Guarantee?
Yes, you can be confident that you are on good hands, we fully guarantee our cleaning services, all the pressure is on us.

Are your cleaning products family friendly?
Yes, we only use cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and the environment, we dont use any harsh or toxic chemical.

What procedure is best steam cleaning or dry cleaning?
Both are great cleaning methods and work great as long as they are applied by a professional that will not leave residuos or moisture.

How often should i clean my carpets in Grand Junction?
Every 5 months is what we highly recommend. If you have 5 family members or more every 5 months, if you are only 2 you can wait some more time.

How should i prepare before you arrive?
WE recommend that you remove any very heavy furniture such as beds or other stuff as well as any breakable stuff.

Can i get a free quote over the phone?
Yes, you can call us and one of our representatives will give you a free quote, you only has to provide some information about your sizes.



If havent decide what to do, here is our advice

carpetcleanerCarpet Manufacturers recommend that you steam clean or dry clean your carpet at least every 12 to 18 months, but if you have a large family is better every 5 months.

There are many carpet cleaning companies in Grand Junction, however we can do an outstanding job taking care of detail and making sure that your rugs and carpets stay clean and soft for a long time.

If you want to preserve the life of your carpet fibers looking soft, clean, smelling fresh for a long time hire our carpet cleaner experts in Grand Junction colorado.

We totally guarantee our services, just give us a call and get a free quote.

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