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Outstanding Carpet Cleaning in Denver Co, we have the technology edge to remove hard stains, deep dirt, dust, allergens, microorganisms, odors and allergens.

In Denver Colorado there are a lot of offices, buildings, hotels, restaurants and homes that install carpets and area rugs to give their interior design a comfortable and elegant look.

But carpet have many other benefits such as reducing noise, filtering air quality, reduce accidents and keep a place warm so you can even save on energy.

But the problem is that carpets require regular maintenance, if you dont give proper care to your carpet fibers they will eventually become dull, lifeless and stiff.

No one wants to invest a lot of money in a carpet that will become stiff in just a couple of years. Therefore you should follow your carpet company recommended cleaning guidelines

Only with regular care and hiring professional rug cleaning service you can maintain your carpet in optimal shape.



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cleaning carpetWhy Hire Our Cleaning Services

Unlike other carpet cleaner companies we dont do all kids of cleaning such as upholstery, duct, tile, grout, etc. we focus on what we do best and that is carpet and rug cleaning.

We got all the professional equipment, trained experts, cleaning solutions and technology to do a great job and do a makeover to your carpet.

We avoid using any type of harsh detergents, chemicals or toxic substances that may cause more damage in the long run.

Dirt filters in to the base of your carpet fibers and it becomes difficult to remove with common vacuums. That is why we use extreme power vacuum to extract deep dust with a lot of heat and agitation.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy Hire Professional Rug Cleaning in Denver

We know that many home owners like to clean their own carpet, buy a vacuum and hire a house keeper to do it. The problem is that even tough is great that you vacuum every day and remove dust, deep dirt does not go away with a simple vacuum.

Also dont try to wash your carpet with common detergents and shampoos, they may cause more damage.

Instead our professional cleaning service will carefully remove stains, spots and use our powerful truck mounted vacuum to extract the most deep dirt, residuous and allergens.

Stains and spots from food, wine, gum, candy and other things will be gone without damaging your fibers.


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stain removal

These are the steps we follow every time we do a new treatment

  • We have a proven and effective process that we follow every time we do a new carpet cleaning job and we customize it for your specific needs and conditions of your carpet.
  • We always begin doing a pre-inspection of every space we are going to clean, we check the soiling conditions, potentially permanent stains, spots and high traffic areas, then we decide what is the best approach and treatment for your case.
  • We remove all the sofas, chairs, tables and things that can get broken, so we can start our pre-vacuuming process and remove all the dust and dirt on top of your rugs.
  • We then pre-treat difficult stains with our solutions.
  • At this point we apply our steam cleaning system which removes the most difficult and deep dirt, allergens and bacteria. With our truck mounted vacuum extractor we remove all the dirt and residuous.
  • We treat again spots and stains carefully until they are gone.
  • We now can apply a protective solution that will prevent your carpet fibers from further environment and dirt damage.
  • We now review all our work with you, we like you to be delighted with our service and our results, our priority is to do an excellent job and gain your trust.

Questions about our service you may want to know

What results can i expect?
We are going to give a makeover to your carpet using our state of the art technology and steam cleaning treatment to produce superior results.

Do you offer a Guarantee?
Yes we are so confident that you are going to be thrilled with the results that we Fully Guarantee our services, dont worry the pressure is on us.

Can you give me a free estimate quote?
Yes we can give you a free estimate, just call us and one of our people will ask you some questions about the service you want and then give you a quote.

How often should i clean my carpet?
The fact is that you should be vacuuming it every day, but at least every 12 months hire pro cleaning to remove deep dirt and stains.

How much is it going to cost?
We have very competitive prices, when you call with one of our representatives he will ask you how many rooms need to be cleaned and tell you an estimated price.

Do your cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals?
We avoid at all costs harsh chemicals, toxic substances and harsh detergents or shampoos. We use our own proven solution.

Can you restore my rug?
Yes we can give it an overhaul and make it look like new again, but we dont repair broken rugs.



Here is what we recommend you to do

carpetcleanerYou already know that you need pro carpet cleaning, that if you dont do it your carpet may loose its softness and become dull, so call us and let us take care of the work, we guarantee our services.

Dont let stains and spots sit on your fibers, you should remove them as soon as possible or call us.

Rug manufacturers recommend that you take proper care of your carpets if you want to make your company warranty valid.

Forget about unwanted pet odors, pet urine and wine spots hire our expert carpet cleaner service in Denver colorado and we take care of it with our superior quality service.



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