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Hire our Carpet Cleaning in Colorado Springs Co Professional Service, we give a complete overhaul to your rugs and carpet.

If your house or office has blemishes, stains, looks dull or stiff then you got a problem from lack of maintenance, its understandable that life has become very daunting and we have many things to worry about that we forget about our carpet.

However every few months about 5 or 6 you should hire professional carpet cleaning in Colorado Springs, we are experts and can take care of all those stains and dirt stuck in your fibers for lack of treatment.

But even though we can do a great improvement and an overhaul, it is highly recommended that you follow some simple rules to keep your carpet or area rug in great shape, such as vacuuming every day or every other day and avoiding walking with shoes wet or dirty.

If you have pets you have to be extra careful, kids love to play on carpet but if they play with food or candy it quickly becomes a problem and disaster strikes.

But dont worry just call us and we can take care of it at a fair price and guaranteed.


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cleaning carpetWhy choose our Carpet cleaning Service

We prid ourselves of providing an excellent customer service, because we are here for the long term, we wan to improve the life and beauty of your carpets to last for a long time.

Our carpet cleaning service in Colorado Springs co, is completely dedicated to make an overhaul to your rugs and carpets using state of the art technology, the most advanced cleaning solutions and professional equipment that help us to treat your carpet fibers with care.

Removing stains from food, candy, wine and gum is important, but also  using the right cleaning solutions that will extend the life of your carpets is a must. Why would you want a clean carpet that looks stiff and dull.


carpet cleaning professionalsDont choose second hand cleaning services

We know that is very tempting to hire the cheapest cleaning service in town, but read my words, its risky, the use of cleaning solutions like detergents and shampoos that contain harsh chemicals will damage your fibers.

Also there are home owners that buy the latest vacuum in the market and let their maid do the work. Its fine and necessary to vacuum every day, but that does not replace deep professional cleaning.

Carpets are the best air quality filter, that means they absorb all the dirt and pollen in the environment, plus all the dirt that your shoes leave. That dirt at the top of your rug and carpet fibers over time slips through the thick fibers and gets stuck into the base.

What happens is that common vacuums cant remove that dirt in the base of your carpet, you need much more power. We have truck mounted power vacuum with extreme heat and agitation that can do the job extremely well.


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The Best Customer Service
We Completely Guarantee all our Services
We only Use eco-friendly Cleaning Solutions
We treat your Carpet with care
We Restore your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the lifetime of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

This is a video in the news of another pro company

stain removal

We follow this process every time we do a new cleaning job

  • To make a good cleaning work we follow a proven system that we have refined over the years with experience and work. We adapt this cleaning system to your particular needs.
  • We begin inspecting every area of your carpet or area rug, we check where are the though stains, blemishes and spots that need our special treatment. We also check the soiling conditions and what is the best treatment to apply
  • Now we hand treat stains carefully with our cleaning agents
  • We decide what is the best method to apply dry cleaning or steam cleaning. Both are great treatments that we know how to apply and we have the equipment, however we often recommend steam or hot water extraction system for its effectiveness.
  • We check stain and spot areas to see if they are gone or require some touch.
  • We have a special soil retardant that we can apply to your fibers that will help a lot to keep dirt away.
  • We review with you the work we did and ask for your suggestions or if we miss anything we clean it.

Questions and Answers most people ask when they want to hire our services

Can you restore my ugly carpet?
We can help you give back life to your carpet or rug. We have the professional equipment and most advanced cleaning solutions to do our best, we are going to make a diagnostic and let you know what results you can expect.

Can you guarantee that your services are great?
Yes, we guarantee our service so you have no risk, we are confident in that we are going to love our service, but if you dont, you dont pay.

I wan to get a free quote estimate to compare, can i?
Yes, call us, our team will answer, give the necessary sizes and he can give you a quote over the phone.

What treatment is best for my rug steam or dry?
Both are great treatments that applied correctly can do wonders. We usually recommend steam cleaning as one of the most effective methods, we leave no risiduous or moisture.

Do your cleaning products contain harsh chemicals? Are they safe?
Yes we dont use any harsh chemicals or toxics, we make sure to only use safe cleaning solutions that treat well your carpet fibers and wont damage your family health.

How often to clean?
clean every 5 months, its the ideal, especially if you have many family members.



Now, what do you have to do

carpetcleanerI recommend that you take a look at your carpet and see how bad it is, do you like what you see, are there any stains, blemishes, does it look dull, is it dusty, how long since you deep clean it?

Well does are some very important questions that you should ask your self and if your carpet is in bad conditions we can help you out.

We have some fair prices and a full guarantee try our carpet cleaning services in Colorado Springs Co and you will love it.

We will also let you know how you can keep your carpets and area rugs in great shape, what kind of treatment or cleaning you or your housekeeper should do.

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