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Do you need professional Carpet cleaning in Boulder Colorado? We are experts at removing difficult stains, dirt, dust, odors, urine, candy, allergens and bacteria.

Even though Boulder is not a very populous city, there are many quality businesses, hotels, offices and home owners that use carpets and area rugs as a way to make their place look elegant and comfortable.

But carpets have many other benefits such as reducing noise in the office preventing accidents, keeping a place warm and filtering air quality.

However carpets require regular maintenance and that can be a problem to keep an eye on for some people. Rugs and carpets when are not taking care of properly become dull, lifeless and stiff in a short period of time.

That is why carpet manufacturers recommend that you deep clean your rugs at least every 12 to 24 months. The more use you give to your carpets the more often you should hire pro cleaning.

A full carpet installation costs a lot of money and is very wise to invest some money in its maintenance so it can last for many years.



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cleaning carpetWhat can we do for you

There are many carpet cleaning businesses out there that you can choose from, but we do care for the long term life of your carpets and we go the extra mile to make sure that it last soft and beautiful for a long time.

We can remove safely complicated stains such as wine, food, candy and gum, but we also have the extreme power of a vacuum to remove the most deep dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria, we get rid of all without leaving residuous and using safe cleaning solutions.

We dont use harsh chemicals or toxic detergents that may cause more damage than good. We care for your rug fibers and want them to last soft and smooth with our proper care and steam cleaning treatment.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy can Pro cleaning do for your Carpet that you wont be able to do with in house.

Unfortunately there are many home owners that dont hire expert carpet cleaners and just do it themselves or their house keeper. The problem is that you try to wash your carpet with common detergents, shampoos or harsh chemicals you damage your rug fibers.

Those harsh substances may clean in the short term your carpet fibers, but hey damage them in the long term. Is necessary to use only cleaning solutions and treatments that are not toxic and treat your carpet gently.

Is necessary that you vacuum properly your area rugs that is fine, but you should avoid washing your carpet if you dont know how. Let the professional do it.

There is a lot of dirt that slips through your carpet fibers and gets into the base, but the fibers are so tick that common vacuums cant remove that deep dirt.


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The Cleaning Procedure we use for our Treatment

  • We pride ourselves of delivering a high quality service and that is possible because we have high standards and we follow them each time we do a new treatment.
  • Once we make an appointment and we get to your home we always start by making a through inspection of every area and making an inventory of the problem stains, soiling conditions and decide what is the most proper treatment for your carpet.
  • We remove all furniture, sofas, chairs and things that can get broken. We then start our pre-vacuuming phase, removing all the dirt and dust on the top.
  • We pre-treat stained areas carefully with our solutions.
  • At this point we can use our dry cleaning or steam cleaning treatment to remove deep dust and dirt. We use our truck mounted technology to extract all the resiuous and dirt, using extreme heat, agitation and power vacuuming.
  • Then we follow up stains and make sure that they are gone.
  • We can optionally apply a protective shield to your carpet, so it can prevent further damage from bacteria, allergens and dirt.
  • At the end we review with you all the spaces and areas we just cleaned and make sure that you are not just satisfied but thrilled with the results.

Do you have Questions, here are some of the most common ones

What results can you provide to my Old Carpet?
We have the most advanced cleaning treatments and solutions, we can certainly do an overhaul to your carpet or rugs and you will see s significant difference.

Im not sure yet, do it get a Guarantee?
Yes sure, we like to give a guarantee always, we are very confident on the results we can provide.

are your employees trained with industry standards?
Yes all our employees are regularly trained with the latest treatments and we always get the feedback from our clients to make sure that they got an excellent customer service.

Are your cleaning products safe for my pet and family?
Yes, we only use cleaning solutions and agents that are safe for your family and do not contain any harsh substances that could cause a harm to the health of your loved ones.

Can i get a free quote estimate?
Just give us a call and we are going to give you a free estimate depending on the service you need and amount of work required.

How often should i clean my rugs and carpets?
Of course you should vacuum every day and remove stains and soon as possible. But when it comes to professional deep steam cleaning you should hire experts at least every 12 to 18 months. If you have many family members is better to do it every 6 months, because your carpet gets used a lot more.




Here is my final advice to you

carpetcleanerThere are many carpet cleaner companies out there, but many are not professional and dont have the necessary equipment to do a fine job. Taking care of the fibers of your rugs is not a simple task

We have all the pro equipment, solutions, treatments and technology to do a fine and gentle work that will take care of your carpet fibers without causing any damage and making them look great.

We make your carpets look great and soft but we also prolonge its life by using only the best cleaning solutions that make the most of it.

I strongly suggest that you hire our pro carpet cleaning service in Boulder Colorado, call us now.

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