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Do you want Pro Carpet Cleaning in Aurora Colorado? We are specilists at removing stains, spots, dirt, dust mites, allergens and bacteria.

Many businesses and homeowners choose carpets as part of their interior design due to the advantages it provides. Carpets and rugs reduce noise, filter air quality, keep a warm temperature and look elegant.

However there are is drawbacks, carpets require regular maintenance if you  want them to last lookning soft, smooth and beautiful. A lack of proper treatment can make a carpet quickly become dull, stiff and lifeless.

It is necessary to vacuum every day to remove dirt, but also every few months you should hire expert dry or steam carpet cleaning in Aurora Co.

Carpets are designed with very tick fibers, when dust settles it slips through its fibers getting into the  base, which makes it very difficult for vacuums to remove it. Extreme power vacuum is necessary just to get into this deep dust that is accumulating and can be a threat to your family health.


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cleaning carpetWe can offer you our pro expert carpet cleaning service

We are a dedicated team of carpet cleaners in Aurora looking to provide you a high quality customer service, clean your carpets and prolong its life for many years looking beautiful.

We have the professional equipment, extreme power vacuum, advanced cleaning solutions and our truck mounted system to remove even the most difficult dirt, dust and allergens.

Cleaning your area rugs and carpet fibers for  us  is more than removing dust and stains, we are passionate to make your carpet glow again with soft fibers and prolong its lifetime.

What good it does to clean a carpet if it is going to loose its glow, get stiff and discolorate in a short time. We prevent that.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy its Vital that you Hire Pro Cleaning every few months

Many people make the mistake of hiring cheap second hand cleaning companies, that is not a good option, if you let amateurs clean your carpets they will use chemical substances that even though may clean your carpet fibers, they will damage it and cause them to become stiff, loss softness and expose your children to toxic substances.

Other times house  owners opt to do it themselves, they buy an expensive vacuum, a detergent and let their housekeeper do the job. That is very dangerous, even though it is great that you vacuum every day, washing your carpet with shampoos and detergents that you find at the supermarket will deteriorate your carpet or rug, cause discoloration and may even damage the health of your pets.

That is why is necessary to hire professionals that know what they are doing and have a lot of experience cleaning area rugs or carpets.


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An Excellent Customer Service
We Fully Guarantee our Services
We only Use Safe Cleaning Solutions
We treat your Carpet Gently
We Restore your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We Prolong the lifetime of your Carpets

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

What cleaning process do we use

  • We like to deliver quality results, thats why we have a proven process that we follow every time we make a new cleaning job. This process is customized to your particular needs.
  • Once we schedule an appointment and we get to your home, we start with our pre-inspection phase. We check every area of the carpet and take note of the stains, spots and high traffic areas that need our special treatment. We check the soiling conditions and decide what treatment is the best.
  • Sometimes is necessary to remove furniture where we are going to work, so we do it. Then we can start with our vacuuming and agitation phase, we remove all the dirt and dust in your rug.
  • We pre treat stained areas with our special treatment solution.
  • We can apply dry cleaning or steam cleaning also called hot water extraction, each has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • With our powerful truck mounted system we remove all the deep dirt, dust, residuous, allergens and bacteria that are stuck deep in your carpet fibers.
  • We treat again your stains to make sure they are completely gone.
  • We can apply a protective solution that keeps soil away for a longer time.
  • We Review the results with you, we want you to verity every single space that we cleaned and verity that stains are gone.

Questions many people ask about our service

What results can i expect on my ugly carpet?
We can make a complete overhaul of your dust, stained carpet. We have the professional equipment and solutions to remove the most difficult stains without damaging your fibers.

I want a Full Guarantee that you will deliver results?
Yes sure, we fully guarantee all our services and we are completely confident that you are going to love it. If you do not like the results we re-clean and if not we dont charge you.

What kind of cleaning solutions do you use?
We use cleaning products and solutions that are environment friendly and safe for your family, we dont use any harsh chemicals.

Can you Remove Pet Urine?
Yes, we can remove pet urine and pet odors.

Can i get a quote?
Yes, we can provide you a free quote over the phone just give us your sizes and we make an estimate.

How long does it take to dry?
If we do dry cleaning is immediately, if we use steam cleaning it can take  a few hours.

Is your personal Trained?
Yes all our personal is fully trained, we train them regularly and review their work.



Some Final Advice if you want your Carpets to Glow

carpetcleanerCarpets are Area rugs are expensive and you need to take care of them properly if you want to make your manufacturer warranty valid, in fact they recommend that you deep clean your carpets at least every 6 to 12 months.

However is better that you deep clean every 6 months before the holidays. The more people that live at home or use the office the more often you should clean.

If you really want to keep your carpets and area rugs softness, freshness and beauty you should hire our professional carpet cleaning service in Aurora Colorado.

We are dedicated to provide you an excellent customer service and incredible results, we want to gain your trust and be your top priority for regular maintenance.

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