Clean your House Naturally with these Housekeeping Hacks

kitchen cleaningWe need to clean our home on a daily basis and it can be a daunting task if we are not organized or if we dont know how to be very effective cleaning even the most difficult areas.

The fact is that many cleaning products such as detergents and other household supplies do more damage than good. You will still need to use some chemicals but you can try to reduce them.

Bathroom Tiles

Mix 1/4 glass of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap and 1/2 glass of water.  Then to clean the dirt put the liquid on a sponge and wipe the tiles, wash the surface with water.

If you see that tiles are very filthy, drop some liquid on them and on grout , leave it for ten minutes. Then it will be easier to clean.

Cleaning the Gas Stove

Drop a Q-tip into ammonia anisic drops and rub greasy spots. Then use a tooth brush and sponge to clean ingrained grease. Use gloves.

Clean your kitchen hood filters

First boil some water in a big pot, then slowly put soda into water usinga teaspoon. Put the filters into the boiling water. Then grease, the dirt will dissolve. Remove the pot from teh fire in 2 minutes. If filters are very dirty repeast the process with a fresh supply of water.

Cleaning your Mattress

Start by mixing peroxide and baking soda in a spray bottle. Once baking soda dissolves, drip liquid soan in there. Shake the bottle and spray. Leave it for about 10 minutes, to dry it faster turn on the fan. Clean the last remmants of baking soda with a vacuum.

Cleaning your Oven

Just put ammonia in a small bowl and leave it in a turned off oven for the night. In the morning air your kitchen and wash the oven, the grease will peel very easily and will be no odor.

Cleaning your Dishes

The best mixture for dish washing is dry mustard and baking soda in the ration of 3 to 1. Mix both powders and put them in a bottle with holes in the lid.

Cleaning your Microfiber Sofa

Use isopropyl alcohol on a sponge and rub the dirt places. For the microfibers us a brush and to remove any odor put some baking soda as well.

Clean your Refrigerator

Just dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 34 fl oz of water and scrub inside the refrigerator, then use a soft cloth to wipe.

You can remove odors by using products that can be found in your kitchen such as: Pieces of dark bread, glasses of baking soda, Absorbent coal and Slices of lemon.

Those are some very helpful hacks that you can use to clean your  kitchen quickly and easily. By using the right products or mixtures you can make the job quick and efficient. There are many more tricks that you do to clean your kitchen, but these one are a start.