Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

rug cleaningA beautiful addition to any house are Area and Oriental Rugs.  An Oriental Rug can make a lifeless living room look great, comfortalbe and luxury. They are a great addition as a decor part of a home, however the problem is that rugs are usually placed in high traffic areas where all people can see them and walk on them over and over again. So you can imagine how dirty the can get quickly, you need to protect them.

Also upholstery furniture, carpets and rugs act as filters for your home, they trap bacteria, allergens and dirt, thus preventing those unhealthy elements from getting around your room. But that only works out if you keep your rugs clean and maintained. Just like your air conditioning filter, you need to periodically clean your carpets and rugs.

At CarpetUash we provide professional area rug cleaning services, taking care of your rugs properly, focusing on a deep cleaning that restores your rugs beauty while removing bacteria and allergens.

Of course you want someone fully qualified to clean your orietal rugs, you dont want amateurs with second class cleaning products experimenting with your home. We will make sure that your rugs and carpets get the proper treatment so they can recover their beauty and be allergens free so your family and kids can play on them.

We use special equipment, tools and cleaning products for oriental and persian rugs treatment.

We make sure that our drying and cleaning process preserves the fibers of yoru rug, leaving its colors vibrant. The truth is that many cleaning companies leave behind residues after cleaning, which attracts more dust and dirt. With our cleaning service your rugs will stay clean longer and be safe for your kids and pets.

Hire the Experts at CarpetUash

When you buy a carpet or rug you spend a lot of time selecting the one that matches your living room and you spent a lot of money on it so it can look great and be a visual attractive. Therefore you should take the same care when hiring the right company to clean your rugs, you dont want to hire second hand professionals when you can have first class treatment for your rugs and make them last longer.

Our trusted technicians and professionals will evaluate the damage and give you a quote on the cost no strings attached. We Understand that you want a high quality service at a cost that you can afford. We want to gain your trust so you can keep coming back to us as your cleaning solution.

Our Service is 100% Guaranteed.


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