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WARNING¡ Dont Fall for This Scam

There are some advertisements for carpet cleaning services that give you almost unreal discounts for  full carpet and rug cleaning service, those companies only want to  get your attention, but they cant provide you with a quality service, they may use dangerous substances and will end up charging you many hidden costs.

Are you Looking for Top Rated Carpet Cleaning in North Little Rock Arkansas?

We can give you the most advanced rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning service in North Little Rock Ark, using only green and safe cleaning agents that are family friendly and using a powerful steam cleanign system or dry cleaning.

Even though there are many cleaning companies in North Little Rock Ar that you can call, the fact is that you have to do you due deligence and see which ones are good and which ones are just amateurs that dont know what they are doing.

Carpet cleaning requires professional equipment and expertise, special care is required for stains and spots. We know how important is that we take proper care of your area rug, oriental rugs, upholstery and carpets thats why we only use the best cleaning products applied by certified technicians.

We pay special attention to detail and hand treat stain, spots and blemishes using only products that are non toxic and are family friendly.



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Why You need the Best Extraction Steam Cleaning System

For most home and business owners is not an easy task to keep their carpets and area rugs clean and in great shape, it requires regular vacuuming and clean stains as they happen. It is also important that you avoid using any type of harsh detergents or toxic substances that could damage your carpet fibers.

We highly recommend that you vacuum as often as possible to remove all the dirt and bacteria that falls into your carpet with regular use from the environment. But some of the dirt will eventually fall on to your carpet fibers base and become impossible to get rid off, unless you hire a professional deep cleaning system.

Fortunately a Powerful Steam Cleaning system also called hot water extraction can remove the most tough dirt, bacteria and allergens from your area rugs and carpets. Industrial vacuums operate with high pressure and extreme heat to remove those difficult particles.

Stains should be treated mostly by hand, using only the right safe cleaning solutions that will treat your fibers gently.


Why Calling us is the best choice to get your rugs cleaned

Many Cleaning companies compete with low prices or with fast drying or some other gimmick, we will make sure that you receive the most quality carpet or rug cleaning service, using only safe cleaning products to extend the life of your carpet and care gently for your fibers.

We make sure that you receive an outstanding service, by searching, evaluating and comparing carpet cleaning companies in North Little Rock Ar, so you dont have to go throug the trial and error of hiring a bad company.

We are sure that you want your carpets, area rugs, oriental rugs and furniture upholstery to last for many years and keep your family protected from allergens, thats why we only deal with the best companies around your area and check for their background and prvious customer reviews.

We dont work with just any company if they dont meet our strict cleaning standards:

  • They have to be experts at dry cleaning and steam cleaning, some are also experts and chem dry.
    They have to provide a clear guarantee
    They have to provide a great service
    They need to have great customer reviews
    They should use only green and safe cleaning solutions


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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

This is a video in the news of another pro company

stain removal

Our Company follows a sequence of cleaning steps to attain the most ideal results

  • With our significant experience we have improved the use of a powerful cleaning procedure that our experts apply every time. This system is fine-tuned relying on your special concerns and your rug conditions.
  • We move any light home furniture on our way and any breakable things. We advise that you remove any electronics and large home furniture if needed prior to our arrival.
  • We kick off by inspecting every single area of your rug or carpet, we assess its soiling conditions, identify spots, stains and possible persistent spots.
  • We treat carefully tough stains and potential permanent stains with our unique cleaning solutions.
  • Vacuuming is our subsequent phase, we work on every area to get rid of all the soil that is stuck on your fibers. Once we finish this step effectively we can move to the following phase.
  • All the high traffic regions that we identify are now treated with an all natural spray for max efficiency in spot and soil removal.
  • At this step we work with our highly effective truck mounted hot water extraction system to thoroughly flush your carpet pile with our unique cleaning agent. We use a heat and pressure at about 180F to attain max results securely
  • Brand-new carpets have an unique preventive shield that protects against dust and soil from getting trap in your fibers, but it gradually diminishes. At this point we employ this protective shield for greater security.
  • We review our service with you, so you can confirm that you like the results and that you are satisfied or else we clean again.

Frequently Asked Question you may want to know

Do you have a Service warranty? How does it work?
We do Guarantee all our professional services, if you identify anything that we might possibly have missed in the next 30 days, we clean it without further cost.

Do you provide No cost price quotes in North Little Rock Ar?
Yes, you can call our business and any of our representatives can provide you a no cost quote over the phone, you just have to answer a few questions regarding the service you need.

What is the most recommended treatment dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning ?
There are several efficient cleaning procedures such as chem dry, dry cleaning, but we recommend hot water extraction cleaning, its the one that most carpet companies strongly recommend.

i would like to eradicate those awful spots, could you do it?
We are professionals and have the needed cleaning techniques to manage practically every type of stains. Buy in many cases it might be tough to totally eliminate the spot because of the material.

When should i clean my rug?
If you have a huge family of five or even more people or you use quite a bit your carpets you should clean them every 5 months to maintain their glamour and level of smoothness.

How much time do i need to wait after your carpet cleaning?
Drying out time may depend upon the climate, if there is humidity it takes a lot longer time. That being said you can expect 6 to 12 hours to get your rug or carpet dry.

Can you put on a fiber protector on my carpet?
Our staff apply a carpet protector that enables to fill up blemishes, so you can minimize the risk of your fibers from sucking in all of the grime. New carpets have that form of fiber protector but as time pass on and with regular use it diminishes.



What to do Now...

To get the best results and remove any tough stains is important that you get a deep carpet and rug cleaning service in North Little Rock Ar as soon as possible.

We can help you get a quality deep safe carpet cleaning at an affordable rate, we will hook you up with the most reliable company around your area.

Vacuum regularly, remove stains as soon as possible, avoid unnecessary spill accidents and dont walk on your carpet with wet shoes.

If you need carpet restoration we can help you, just let us know. If you have any questions just ask in the form or give us a call.



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