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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scammed

Many Misleading advertisements promote extremely low cost carpet cleaning, but you are going to get a very bad service, using the worst quality products and you will even be charged many extra hidden costs. If you want your carpets and rugs to last only hire quality service.

Are you Looking for The Best Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Jonesboro Arkansas?

You are at the right place, we can give you a high quality service, using only safe cleaning solutions, the best steam technology and at an affordable rate. We really care for providing a great service that we are proud of so want to give us a great review.

With so many rug cleaning companies out there how do you choose one that does the work right, without hidden costs and at a fair rate. You have to be careful not to choose the ones that charge a very low rate but provide an awful service, they may damage your carpet fibers.

What you should look for is a carpet cleaning company that uses only safe cleaning products with non toxic substances, that have a proven experience, has the best professional equipment, guarantees their work and treat your fibers gently, with the objective of improving your carpet life.

Steam cleaning also called hot water extraction and dry cleaning are the best treatments that can extract the most stubborn dirt, grim and bacteria. Using the right equipment and powerful vacuums the results are amazing.




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Do you need Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning?

Some home owners and business owners dont take carpet and oriental rug cleaning seriously until its too late and their carpet has become dull, lifeless and stiff. To avoid that you should provide regular maintenance and avoid washing your rugs with harsh detergents from the supermarket.

We tell all our clients to vacuum their rugs regularly or at least once a week to keep all the dirt and dust from falling into your fibers base. However some of the dirt slips through your fibers and gets stuck, it becomes very difficult to remove with a regular vacuum, that dirt attracts more allergens and bugs.

This is why its highly recommended that every 5 to 6 months, depending on how much use you give to your carpet, you hire a deep carpet cleaning service in Jonesboro Ar and let them use a powerful steam cleaning extraction system to remove the most difficult bacteria and dirt using extreme heat and pressure.

Stains and spots should be hand treat it carefully with the right solutions to remove them without causing any damage to your fibers. Some of the stains that can be removed are from wine, food, gum, blood, ink and more.



Why you should call us to get a Great carpet cleaning service

Many carpet cleaning service try to offer a great price so give them a chance, but we are not competing for a low price, we are competing with qualtiy at an affordable rate. We know that carpets are expensive and require proper treatment with green cleaning products and the right care or else they become stiff.

We help you by searching, evaluating and comparing the best rug cleaning companies in Jonesboro Arkansas and then we hook you up with the best company that has our recommendation, so you dont have to go through a trial and error of having a bad service.

We know very well that you want your upholstery, area rugs, and carpet to last for many years, you dont want to replace them, that is why we put special care in dealing only with companies that use safe cleaning solutions, with proven experience and the best technology.

Every time with work with a company with make sure that they follow our standards:

  • They need to provide a full guarantee
    Have a great service
    Use only safe or green cleaning products
    Have the best steam cleaning and dry cleaning technology
    Have certified technicians working with them
    Have great customer reviews on the internet




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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

Our Service company follows a number of cleaning guidelines to attain the very best results

  • To make your rugs look soft and beautiful every single time, we use a proven routine of steps that our technicians use on a consistent basis. We adjust this treatment to your individual necessities depending upon your carpet conditions.
  • We beforehand need to remove any home furniture and electronics that could stand on our way. If you have any very heavy household furniture is recommended that you remove it before we arrive including any breakable things
  • We kick off by inspecting each and every single area of your carpets and rugs, we examine its soiling conditions, find spots, stains and potential permanent spots.
  • We treat by hand tough stains and feasible long-lasting stains with our special cleaning products.
  • Now we apply our pre-vacuum phase where we remove all the dust and dirt in your rug or carpet. This move is crucial to go on to the following phase.
  • High traffic spots and areas are handled with eco-friendly pre-spray for more efficient spot and dirt removal.
  • The moment we have released the soil, our truck mounted system will fully flush the carpet pile with an organic rinsing agent. We control the pressure and heat so the carpet is not over wet. We use a water temperature between 180 to 190 F.
  • We can put on a protecting shield to your rug or carpet, which aids to prevent soil from getting stock in to your carpet fibers.
  • When we are done cleaning, we review all our work with you, so we can verify that all is good and that you are happy with our work.

Questions you may Have

is your job Guaranteed?
We do Guarantee all our services, if you spot anything that we might just have missed out on in the next 30 days, we clean it for no further expense.

How will i acquire a free cost estimation?
We can deliver you with a totally free price quote over the phone, but is crucial that you let our company know the quantity of rooms, aprox square feet and any special services that you might possibly want.

Do you work with any toxic chemicals that might be unhealthy for my loved ones?
No, we basically use Family Friendly cleaning products that are healthy for your children and dogs. We do not employ any harmful chemicals or rough detergents.

Do you train your staff members on a frequent basis?
Our expert technicians have extensive experience and you can question them any doubt you might possibly have pertaining to the professional service they are working on.

Do you have professional equipment like a Truck Mounted Equipment?
We do have sophisticated cleaning process for instance, a Truck Mounted System, to make our work much more efficient.

Does this take a huge amount of time to dry?
Drying time can depend on the temperature, if there is humidity it takes more time. That being said you can look forward to 6 to 12 hours in order to get your carpet dry.



Final Advice from us...

Whatever you do, you should vacuum regularly your carpet, prevent spill accidents, prevent shoes with dirt and hire a professional deep rug cleaning service in jonesboro Arkansas every few months.

There are many cleaning companies in jonesboro ar but you should only hire companies that are professional, have a guarantee and use safe cleaning treatments.

If you need carpet restoration or your rug is broken give us a call and we will see how we can help you.

If you have other questions just let us know, thankyou




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