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Professional Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Omaha Ne,  with our full service we can get rid of stains, spots, dirt, odors and bacteria in Nebraska.

There are many house owners, offices and businesses in Omaha Nebraska that dont have the time and resources to clean and take care of their carpets and area rugs, it becomes a daunting task trying to keep them glowing and soft.

That is why hiring pro carpet cleaners in Omaha is the best option, we are experts and know how to keep your carpets looking soft, fresh, beautiful and free of allergens.

We can do a complete overhaul of your rugs and also advice you how to take care of them during the year so it does not absorb too much dirt and bacteria.

We are ready to fight the toughest spots by using the most advanced cleaning techniques to remove though stains, dirt and allergens through several methods.

Carpet Manufacturers recommend that you deep clean your area rugs and carpets at least every 5 to 10 months if you have a 5 family members or more.


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How we can Help you

Regular vacuuming is great, in fact you should do it every day, but that does not stop dirt from slipping into the base of your carpet fibers and then it becomes impossible to remove.

With our Extreme Truck Mounted Vacuum, extreme heat and agitation we can remove the most deep and stubborn dirt with allergens and bacteria.

We can do a very professional job a a fair price, making sure that we take care of your carpets and area rugs gently.

Our Mission is not just to clean your carpets, but also to extend its lifetime by applying the right solutions that will protect your fibers.


Cleaning Methods

vacuum cleaner over carpetThere are 2 main ways to clean carpets: hot water extraction, Dry Cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction: is a steam cleaning industrial process for carpet cleaning also called hot water extraction. With this cleaning method we use equipment to spray hot water with other added chemicals to your carpet fibers. Then the water is vacuumed up with any dissolved dirt. This is the most recommended Carpet Cleaning treatment in Omaha ne.

Dry Cleaning: With this method we use specialized machines, these are very low moisture systems, which rely on dry compounds complemented with cleaning solutions. This method has a rapid drying time of 24 hours.

At Carpetuash we make sure that you receive a top quality service that we can be proud of  in Omaha Nebraska and surrounding areas. We use only the best hot water extraction equipment to clean your carpets and rugs better than anyone else.  Removing dust, dirt, stains, blemishes, spots and pet odors will make your carpet look new and soft.

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Household carpet cleaning: You may want to clean your rugs by your own if you have the time, the equipment and a vacuum. A Vacuum cleaner use air pump to suck up dust and dirt from floors and carpets. Some modern vacuums use spray jets to deep clean your carpet, some even add steam and agitation.

But there are some spots and dirt that will be very difficult to remove if you dont use the right solutions and professional equipment.

Dont put the softness and beauty of your carpet at risk, let the professionals remove blot stains, dirt, candy crushed, dust, urine, odors and allergens.

How much does it cost to get your carpet cleaned?

The cost depends on the total Square Feet of your carpet. For example  most companies would prefer to clean your whole house than just a room. The usual cost for an area between 200 and 400 square feet is $84 to $124. Small homes from 1000 to 1500 square feet can be cleaned from $197 to $286

Let the professional carpet cleaners do the work for you, proper maintenance of your carpet extend its life. We are here to help you, give us a call no strings attached.

Benefits of Using our Service

  • We dont use any toxic substances, we only use safe cleaning solutions that do not contain harsh chemicals.
  • We fully guarantee our services
  • We have very affordable prices and we have No Hidden Charges
  • We Use State of the Art carpet cleaning technology

Some Questions and Answers you may have

Can you restore my old and ugly rug or carpet?
When we apply our full cleaning service we make a complete overhaul to your carpet, so you can expect a significant improvement. We also hand treat stains and grey areas to remove them.

Can i get a free quote estimate before i hire your services?
Yes you can get a free quote over the phone, just tell our staff your carpet sizes and number of rooms.

What is best steam cleaning or Dry cleaning in omaha ne?
Both treatments are very powerful, but they should be applied by experts, we can do both, we often recommend steam cleaning or hot water extraction.

How much time it takes to dry?
It takes about 4 hours after we finish, to dry

How often should i hire deep clean service?
Some manufacturers say every 12 months, however  if you have a family of 5 and use often your area rugs and carpets you should clean at least every 5 months.

Do you use environment safe cleaning solutions?
Yes we only use safe products that are non toxic, hazard free and pet friendly.

Do you apply a Soil Retardant?
Yes we apply a soil retardant or Protective shield to prevent soil and dirt from falling into the base of your carpet fibers.


Call Us At: 1 (402) 270-50-52

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Call Us At: 1 (402) 270-50-52


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